Former Muslim Al Fadi Explains Why He Left Islam and Followed Christ

Why would a devout Muslim leave Islam? David Wood interviews ex-Muslim Al Fadi on why he converted to Christianity.

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I think, dear Christians you should not let your kids read Bible!!! Or at least you can mark the bible with 21+. Actually! For God’s sake, do you never get ashamed while reading how the prophet david rapes a woman on her period and makes plan to murder her husband to be able to get that woman as a new wife? Or dont you get ashamed while reading Lot went to bed with his daughters? Or dont you get ashamed while reading one of your gods (which one is he) lost in wrestling with a man and begged him for his freedom? Or dont you get ashamed while reading how the son of david raped his sister? Many others… And dont you get ashamed while reading how paul warns and teaches to Titus that if a man wants to be a priest, just to be a priest, he and his family members must have so inevitable, important characteristic and spiritual features? So that means paul is wiser than your gods?! Cause your gods chose wicked men with wicked family members who raped, murdered, had incest sex, worshipped the idols and so on, but paul is wiser cause he picks those who are honest, honorable… Then I think you should also deify paul the real father of christianity, as the wisest god of yours! And make him have a chair above the trinity.
Ps: in islam all prophets of Allah have the common spiritual and characteristic features, : ismah, honesty,…
Open your eyes, these lies about the prophets in Bible prove how torah and bible were changed into lies. Someone who murdered the prophets of God and just as to your own faith, who even sold your god jesus just for a fleeting gain, could they have untouched his words? They even sold your god but did not change his words into lies? As Quran says, just for a fleeting gain they sold the verses of Allah, they themselves wrote and said this is the book of God, and etc, just for a fleeting gain and what a misarable gain!!!

Glory to Jesus ( Emmanuel: God with us )

Is it Possible that Religion is a lie?
Yes! It is a lie. One of the Greatest Cons for Theft of Individual Expression and Money that has ever been Perpetrated on the Planet. And it’s legal!
There are more than 4,600 Religions, worldwide, with thousands of Gods. They’re all claiming to be the one True Religion, following the One True God. Either only one Religion is True or all Religions are False? How can all Religions be True?
Many of these Religions advocate the Mutilation of its Followers and Death to anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.
If there was a God and he Created Man in his Own Image, he would have to be One Awful Ugly, Schizophrenic, Malicious, Deranged, Dude, to allow his Children to be Treated as we are Today.
He would make Hannibal Lecter look like an honest Politician. Sorry! I have no appreciation for Politicians either.
It’s Simple Logic that brings out the TRUTH…
If You can’t Understand This, It’s Not My Problem…

Bible is corrupted> That’s why many versions.
Quran last revelation came without any changes by people> that’s why only one version.
Why you believe in Jesus as God, is not he prophet?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Yeah also the jews who worshipped the idol claf god had reasons :rofl::rofl: ı love watching these videos of david full of lies. When you know the truth such videoes sound really funny. Go on boys. And go on worshipping new idol of yours, trinity. As the off spring of your grand grand ancestor Samiri, the golden calf maker (exodus), do what is expected from you…

This man is a liar. I’m a Saudi and there’s no clan NOR a family CALLED “AL-Fadi” HE’S USING “AL” Before his name because Arab clans starts with “AL” and if you google “AL-Fadi” You’ll find “jesus” because Jesus in Christianity is AL-fadi.

*He might have lived in Saudi arabia but that doesn’t mean “He is and Everyone everyone else a Muslim” here we have people with ALL different kind of faiths and religions. Everyone is welcome here.

I didn’t watch the full video because most people who “CLAIM” that they left islam use the same arguments and lies not to mention that he started with a lie at the beginning of the video 1:26. I also bet that he was never been a Muslim like any other Christians who pretend to be one so that they can say “Yup, I left islam and I chose jesus” and if he were one before but then left islam then he lacks knowledge on both religions.

Is it only ex-Muslim watching :joy:
May the Almighty guide us to the true religion
Research for yourself no one knows wat the other people saying (truth or false) no one knows

I was falling in love with a man who I thought was going to be my future husband but then he told me before we start relationships you must convert to Islam and say the shehada I told him no way will l ever leave Jesus Christ to follow the self proclaimed prophet Muhammad

Allah guides whom he wills
May he guides all to the right path amin

Islam is truth .


Read Quran 2:1

Read Quran 2:177 .

I don’t know where my comments disappeared.
I mentioned the hundreds of millions killed starting
from the council of Nicaea when the Unitarians were killed until today. ALL WERE KILLED BY CHRISTIAN LOVE.

It’s funny how we see so many comments stating I am an Ex -Muslim lol :joy:
Just for the record jihad = self defense

I never understood why people think a man god draws people when there are so many gods to pick from. I see no reason to believe in any of the man made gods but I do believe there is a CREATOR but never communicated with man.

Praise Be In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Powerful testimony

I´m a born iraqi christian that lives in germany. I once saw the testimony of this brother in arabic and truly I was fascinating and hope for him to grow in faith more and more as well as for other exmuslims that are seeking for truth so our Lord Jesus goes to them and that they believ.