Former Muslim Sandra Solomon Describes Life Under Sharia

Westernized Muslims paint a rosy picture of Sharia. Reality, however, is quite different. In this video, Rev. Sule Prince and Dr. Tony Costa interview former Muslim Sandra Solomon on what life was like in Sharia-controlled Saudi Arabia.

Islam is pure evil. Jesus asks you to come to him. Islam is forced on you because they know it’s fake.


She should have been sitting in the middle - not having to turn her head back and forth.

I love Sandra Salomon , she’s so brave woman :muscle::muscle:

Linda Sarsour, Werleman have gone deaf :grin:

I feel sorry for all of you that you believe on her self-made story. She was never a muslim before. She is an arab christian. Sha has no evidence to prove her self-made statements. Islam is the religion of Peace. There are women rights in Islam. Don’t need to judge a religion or all muslims by hearing this Sandra’s stories

So one of the things in getting a doctorate in Islamism is to show how deep the person believes in trashing women. A doctorate requires a demonstration of practical usage.

How anyone can defend this sick ideology is beyond me
There is nothing and I repeat nothing good or pure or holy about Islam

So can anyone who listened to the lady, in their right mind, can even compare Pislam to any Abrahamic religions let alone other free-thinking, ways to seek truth? This gutter-class cult is nothing more than a bunch of bandits and caravan-robbers in Arabia, fabricating a whole narrative for subjugating innocent people, enslaving them and amassing wealth and land.

Any western woman should spend some time in Saudi arabia. … Maybe they would understand their luck. …

There goes ‘feminist’ Islam :grimacing:

My goodness… my Lord… we stand together as your body and ask you to move in the Islamic territories.

Wonderful testimony. Thank you very much Ms Sandra Solomon for enlightening us about Sharia. Praised the Triune God for helping you get out from that. God bless you more and may you have a blessed life and happier life. Thank you for your courage .

Could you, please, put French subtitles? because it is difficult to understand spoken English, Thanks for your videos


لابد من ابادة الاسلام السام من الوجود

Sharia Law sounds like FREEDOM! Or absolute Hell on earth, especially for women :frowning: women get the shaft in this world.

here is what i think about sharia law it is sung to the tune of “My Sharona” by the Krank in 1979

Married her when she was six, she was fine.
Waited until she was nine, My Sharia!

Saw the wife of my son, she was fine.
Allah said to give her to me, My Sharia!

I said there are many gods, I was wrong.
I got tricked by the devil, My Sharia!

Let a woman cook a sheep, it was bad.
Now my heart is killing me, My Sharia!

I pray to Allah every day, it’s my job.
But I don’t wash my hands, My Sharia!

I have to squat when i pee, that’s the way.
Can’t get any on my shoes, My Sharia!

I’ve got an uncle down in hell, he’s my friend.
His feet so hot his brains will boil, My Sharia!

I had a poet make me mad, got him killed.
Told them they could lie to him, My Sharia.

He made the hevens then the earth, that was then.
Now he’s turned it all around, My Sharia!

First the Jews are my friends, now they’re not.
This is getting so confusing, My Sharia!

I said that Jesus didn’t die, they were wrong.
Can’t let you get cross with me, My Sharia!

The angel says that dogs are bad, they have to go.
So I went and killed my pooch, My Sharia!

I told the Jews that I’m a prophet, but I’m not.
Now I’ll just kill them all, My Sharia!

That’s why they’re all running out of their country …