France’s Recipe for Endless Islamic Terror (David Wood)

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Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was a Tunisian Muslim living in France. After suddenly becoming more devout in his Islamic faith, Bouhlel drove a truck into a crowd of men, women, and children, who were celebrating Bastille Day in the city of Nice on July 14, 2016. Bouhlel’s family and friends have questioned his sincerity by pointing out that he didn’t pray, didn’t fast, ate pork, drank alcohol, etc. However, since many recent terrorist attacks in France have been carried out by Muslims who once lived very un-Islamic lifestyles, perhaps we need to take a closer look at the relationship between Islam, bad Muslims, and terrorism. In this video, David Wood examines this relationship, and finds that France has produced a recipe for endless terrorist attacks.

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All these killing is already at Europeans door step. Religions war is inevitable in Europe.

Thankfully, this didn’t age well!

This has held true.

Every word Mr. Wood says is true! Sad, but true!

Hmm as soon as I heard the beginning about all offensive war on none-Muslims because of military strength I immediately realised that this is based on very superficial knowledge. Proper study and research should be done and one should not mix their whims and desires to fulfil their agenda.
I am afraid I stopped the video and didn’t watch the rest because of the very untrue statement at the beginning. Please do your research with a clear mind without a hidden agenda and check the contexts of narratives before jumping to conclusion.

At the end when you say Paris and Nice and I’m like, this video is not from today right? Nov 2 2020

P in islam stands for peace

:no_entry: IF David Woods Videos are to make a breakthrough in FRANCE - we have to give them a French Voiceover. Most French People do NOT understand English good enough to understand these videos​:exclamation:

No one is good or bad we all are good in the eyes of God He doesn’t say to kill my children because He loves all of us,

Do the French Muslims like Marcon?

France isn’t the only European country that goes by this recipe - Sweden is another one…:cry:
Keep up the great and important work that You do, David Wood - and G-d Bless!:two_hearts:


Very insightful and scary at the same time. Thanks, DW

I agree with you Dr. David Wood, God is already blessed you.

GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER DAVID​:heart: :latin_cross::handshake::star_of_david::heart:

Whole World Especially Europe is NOW FACING "BOILING FROG SYNDROME " because of this Cult !!!

Kindly read this carefully : Surah Al-Ahqaf (You should counter check this in Quran)
such as, when all mankind is gathered [for judgment], will be enemies unto those [who worshipped them], and will utterly reject their worship? (6) But whenever Our messages are conveyed to them in all their clarity, they who are bent on denying the truth speak thus of the truth as soon as it is brought to them: “This is clearly nothing but spell­binding eloquence!” (7) Or do they say, “He has invented all this”? Say [O Muhammad]: “Had I invented it, you would not be of the least help to me against God. He is fully aware of that [slander] into which you so reck­lessly plunge: enough is He as a witness between me and you! And [withal,] He alone is truly-forgiving, a true dispenser of grace.” (8) Say: “I am not the first of [God’s] apostles; and [like all of them,] I do not know what will be done with me or with you: for I am nothing but a plain warner.” (9) Say: “Have you given thought [to how you will fare] if this be truly [a revelation] from God and yet you deny its truth? - even though a witness from among the children of Israel has already borne wit­ness to [the advent of] one like himself, and has believed [in him], the while you glory in your arro­gance [and reject his message]? Verily, God does not grace [such] evildoing folk with His guidance!” (10) But they who are bent on denying the truth speak thus of those who have attained to faith: “If this [message] were any good, these [people] would not have preceded us in accepting it!” And since they refuse to be guided by it, they will always say, “This is [but] an ancient falsehood!” (11) And yet, before this there was the revelation of Moses, a guide and a [sign of God’s] grace; and this [Qur’an] is a divine writ confirming the truth [of the Torah] in the Arabic tongue, to warn those who are bent on evildoing, and [to bring] a glad tiding to the doers of good: (12) for, behold, all who say, “Our Sustainer is God”, and thereafter stand firm [in their faith] - no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve: (13) it is they who are destined for paradise, therein to abide as a reward for all that they have done. (14) NOW [among the best of the deeds which] We have enjoined upon man is goodness towards his parents. In pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth; and her bearing him and his utter dependence on her took thirty months. and so, when he attains to full maturity and reaches forty years, he [that is righteous] prays: “O my Sustainer! Inspire me so that I may forever be grateful for those blessings of Thine with which Thou hast graced me and my parents, and that I may do what is right [in a manner] that will meet with Thy goodly acceptance; and grant me righteousness in my offspring [as well]. Verily, unto Thee have I turned in repentance: for, verily, I am of those who have surrendered themselves unto Thee!” (15)

Islam is the reason of all terrorism .

Allah is Satan

Thank you for posting this about what Abu Baker said! I quote this often !