France Sacrifices Priest on the Altar of "Tolerance" (David Wood)

Earlier today, two jihadis stormed a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France, with knives and a fake bomb. They forced a Catholic priest to his knees and filmed themselves slashing his throat at the altar. They later shouted “Allahu Akbar” while police shot them to death.

Prior to the attack, French police had caught one of the jihadis repeatedly attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS. Nevertheless, he was free to roam the streets of France, as long as he wore an electronic bracelet.

Even worse, French authorities knew that the church was being targeted by ISIS, since an ISIS hit list found in 2015 named the church as a target.

Given the circumstances, do French authorities bear some of the blame for the outcome of the attack? In this video, David Wood explores the issue.

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Thee most evil ideology, but to be protected by the host of such evil is just as evil where it isn’t pure stupidly and ignorance. To call it ‘Tolerance’! It’s by default a sanctioned murder weapon.

Unfortunately the left control the most of the Western Institutions and they have much in common with Islam


I like your videos, but you make it difficult to hit the like button when you deal in truth about a horrible situation. So do i give you a thumb up or a thumb down for a great video on such a subject. Like the content and how you handle it, but hate what is happening.

When you criticize and analyse Islam,more and more people will come to know the truth, and Islam will crumble on it’s own

My God David wood i didn’t no how to honour ur experience is great u are my Lord

Religion keeping people stupid for thousands of years

I’m french and Very Very unhappyly… You’re right!

Only liars and those who are severely mentally ill would think Islam doesn’t advocate for the protection of all people’s of faith and their houses of worship.

DW - we’ve followed all your videos over all these years, you are 100%, we hold your work and your deliveries in highest regard. In this video, which we just newly came across again, among all else that you got right here, you really brought the point across which I have often over years commented on myself: your take on Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac, which NO ONE ever grasps, nobody ever seems to have a clue as to its background - likewise a number of OT and NT passages I’ve often commented on. THANK YOU for clarifying that as beautifully as you do everything else. This is getting posted for sure.

I’ve never heard this issue explained quite this way! You really have opened my eyes to so many issues. Thank you, David!

When someone declares his or her intentions to commit Crimes, they should be punished as if they committed it. For those of Foreign origin (even if they’re born in France)(, they should be sent back to enjoy their savagery. Whether you’re born in France or NOT, those that commit Crimes on behalf of their origin should receive a Just Punishment (ship them back).

Awful times we are living in :frowning: prayers for the victims of this despicable violence in the name of a false prophet :frowning:

It’s not the people of France (or any other European country…) that look the other way to “protect Islam” - it’s the French Government (and all the other other countries that are members of the EU…) that goes behind their citizens backs, and decide to act like complete cowards…
G-d Bless You for speaking out, David Wood!:two_hearts::pray:

Few weeks ago a Catholic priest who used to help immigrants and homeless was stabbed to death, nearby Como, by a Tunisian man he was actually helping. His name was Roberto Malgesini. Please pray for him and let’s thank the Lord for having given us such an example of humbleness and kindness. May God forgive his murderer.

Please David, in next video can you please show us Ahmed deedat Moslem apologist Vs prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

This was the event that brought me back to the Catholic church. God bless Fr. Jacques Hamel.

Yes! No more sacrifice but that of God’s son.
Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, long suffering. Not Tolerance with a capital ‘T’!
Get behind us satan.

This is frightening!
The meaning of ‘frightening’ has reached another level.
Fervent prayer is the need of the hour.