Funeral Service for Nabeel Qureshi

This is a video of the funeral service for Nabeel Qureshi at Houston’s First Baptist Church. Ravi Zacharias delivers an amazing eulogy.

What a sad ending. Summom bokmon omyon fahom la yobsiroun…(la’nato’LLAH)

Glory be to God in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ :raised_hands:

This is what happens when you associate partners with Allah SWT

Just finished his book seeking Allah finding Jesus for the 4th time, and decided to watch this video
How sad that I never had the honor of meeting him, his book was one of the main reasons that now I’m an ex-muslim
Rest in peace

David ~ Your channel has reached almost every corner of the globe! Jesus has used you mightily! Keep running this race, and say hi to Manny! :smiley:

OHHHH that girl’s a GREAT singer! We sing that second song almost every week at church …but l’ve never heard it done this BEAUTIFULLY! PRAYERS for the Qureshi family that all Nabeel did …well what JESUS did for Nabeel will usher in ALL the members of his family! To see abba, and ema Qureshi glow in the JOY of our precious Savior! No ‘‘work’’ needed coz JESUS paid it ALL! :DDD

Hell is for Anyone associating to God something

NAbeel you inspired me and lot of people may God bless your soul and take you to ever lasting life :pray: :heart:. RIP


Almost 5 years since Nabe’s death.
He will be remembered as the man who God turned to him, and who God took with him…

Jesus truly loves us all!:heart::heart:

I truly cry!:heart::heart:


People laugh at the funeral! Actually in my culture in croatia in Slovenia, in Bosnia and herzegovina people cry at funerals!

I agree completely, but it is in reality so horrible!!

I think truly a lot, when i hear this!

Suicide is not the solution!!

In reality it is not like that!!

But nebeel qure’shi is still alive in heaven!:heart::heart: