Gabriel Explains Human Reproduction to Muhammad (Islam and Science)

Muhammad was once asked, as a challenge to his prophethood, why a child sometimes resembles the mother’s side of the family and sometimes resembles the father’s side of the family. Muhammad said that he received the answer to this question from the Angel Gabriel. The answer, however, is scientifically false. So if Muhammad got a false revelation from the same source that was giving him Qur’anic revelations, how can we believe the Qur’an?

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This Hadith also shows that they think Gabriel is the enemy of the Jews…

Every time I hear David and Sam talk about Islam I wanna laugh bc Islam sounds like a tv show with some ridiculous characters like Muhammad and his followers. Then It’s heartbreaking that it’s reality and over a billion people think it’s true :joy_cat::sweat:

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Both guy seems to confused ,they don’t go with details and seems giving false statements ,look at face of both guy

the second question is wrong as well. In paradise there would be no more murdering of animals so items of food like meat and guts will not be eaten as well.

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Once you understand that the Angel Gabriel is God’s messenger to his chosen people, the Jews…The whole story of the encounter with the angel in the cave is false…either that counterfeit Angel was a demon, or Satan himself…even Muhammad stated that the apparition could have been a demon


Muhammad got confused because Jibril was talking about angelic reproduction, not human reproduction.

Christian’s and Muslims are equally delusional. ALL Abrahamic religions promote a God fearing religion devoid of opportunity for true spiritual growth and actual true God realization.

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Muhammad was 25 when he first married, not sure when Gabriel first got told about reproduction probably on his death bed lol pnbuhe

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