Gary Habermas: Contemporary Muslim Apologetics and the Resurrection of Christ
Muhammad, the founder of Islam, said that Jesus never died on the cross, never rose from the dead, and never claimed to be Lord. Muslim apologists have made valiant attempts to defend Muhammad’s assertions, but the facts of history simply can’t be seriously disputed here. In this lecture, Dr. Gary Habermas, one of the world’s leading experts on the historical facts surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection, evaluates some common arguments of Muslim apologists (such as Ahmed Deedat).

I know it’s something good when Gary Habermaster speaks
8:57 wow,I never expected such a thing ;-;

Love this guy. My x fiance is Muslim and 5years of trying to show her truth she never got it. When the relationship ended (on a good note) she shared w me that she no longer believes in the Hadiths. Halfway there. Now she says Reza Aslan is really good and I should watch him. This women needs the spirit of discernment. Reza is a fraud and a clown.

I don’t know why people spend endless hours of their lives on this kind of thing. Apart from being extremely boring (anyone could be stood there just reading) It’s all Mummery and Flummery. As The Hitch said “Religion poisons everything”.

I like to listlen to this while I work out at home

A very good appraisal of the issues.

David, what do you think of Sikhism?

David can you please debate some of the YouTube athiests? I would love to see you open their eyes because I’m tired of all the ignorance they spread about Christianity on a daily basis, please look up thunder f00t and the amazing athiest, you probably have heard of them I hope you can show them whos boss! and that Jesus shows them the light.

God bless!!

hey David can you do a video on the San Bernardino attacks?

no matter who debates. it can be a 3year old baby debating zakir naik or any top muslim scholar and that 3year old wins. because fact is fact jesus is god and people will always give excuses to deny it but it wont change who the real jesus is

David are you going to make a response video to the recent San Bernadino terrorist attack? It would be interesting to see your commentary on the events. Especially regarding how the man was born in the US but he married a woman from the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. I believe the woman was of Pakistani origin.

It’s the ideology, stupid…
The ideology that muhammad invented, implemented and enforces with MURDER as a rule of sharia.
100% of muslims put forehead to ground 5 times a day and chant: “alahu akbar, and muhammad is the last messenger”…what does that mean?
It means that 100% of muslims are commanded by muhammad to do their part to conquer YOU…whether it’s using your own Western laws to play word and mind games, high birth rates, taking over certain sections of society, and ultimately MURDER.
Right now there are people who are minding their own business, living their lives peacefully, lovingly that will be victimized, and MURDERED in the near future by another attack…Why? Because of the ideology of muhammad.
Solution: DENOUNCE and RENOUNCE muhammad, thus severing his standing orders to conquer YOU.
Anyone that refuses shall be deported or denied entry into a non muslim country. Everyone that DENOUNCES and RENOUNCES muhammad shall be protected to the full extend of the law

David, I’m a Christian and have been subbed for a long time. I came across some videos on YouTube and they kind of put in perspective some thoughts I had about God in the old testament being so extremely violent. These claims were even that Satan himself was the God of the old testament and that’s why Jesus is the opposite and told then Jews they don’t know his father. What are your thoughts on that? Anyone else’s help is welcome :slight_smile:


why dont you try debate zakir naik? if you think you can win…good luck

Was this on the EPS conference? Wish I could go some day

I do NOT believe that Jesus survived his crucifixion. Neither do I believe in The Christ Myth. Nonetheless, my text, The Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry (pp. 249-265) reviews the arguments PRO and CON that Jesus did NOT die on the cross. One issue that should be clarified is whether or not Jesus was BRAIN DEAD while on the cross.


Michael J. Alter

They do have a point that the KJV remains the truest English translations out of the rest, because the rest of the English translations do pervert the Gospel here and there.

Jesus is way

can anyone shine a light on 2 thessalonians 2, where it says God sends them a lowerful delusion to believe the lie. obvious the lie already existed. is this Yahweh saying, theyve chose not to believe the truth and so away with you evil doers anyway. this automatically jumps out to me and who in the world is beleiving in the biggest lie known to mankind.

Dr. Gary Habermas is a brilliant man and a great resource for Information. Thanks for posting David.