Gary Habermas: The Resurrection Evidence That Changed a Generation of Scholars
In this lecture (titled “The Resurrection Evidence That Changed a Generation of Scholars”), Dr. Gary Habermas discusses early historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

I’m slightly hard of hearing, and can barely make out what he’s saying. I’m going to try to listen to the whole thing but I may not be able to get through it.

When he was saying which sources from the NT are considered good by critics, I wondered what the same scrutiny would say of the Qur’an.

It is a pain that Christians have to dodge around ridiculous double standards from unbelieving (Christian or not) scholars. No other historical literature is held to a standard as high as the NT. They run from truth because they don’t want to admit it.

Dear David, is there a way to clean up the audio and re release this video. It’s hard to understand. Thank you for all you do. :pray:t3:


Fix the sound on this…

He is s stroryteller and his story must be told. 30 minutes+ of introduction. 30 minutes of obfuscatiuon. Zero fact presented. Several untruths voiced. Wasted 1 hour of my life on this shite

Those complaining about the audio can find the same presentation named the exact same thing on the “BiolaUniversity” and “theology, philosophy and sci” YT channels.

Dear David,
I was born a Muslim and kept practicing Islam strictly until the age of twenty. Then I started not only to doubt Islam, but even the existence of God. So, I became an agnostic and I still am, but I never did away with spirituality. I am looking for an alternative religion to follow because I will never ever get back to Islam. I simply cannot accept a man who has married a child and waged wars and killed his enemies and “raped” their women to be a messenger of God. Therefore, I reject Islam, Mohammad and the Quran altogether. I love Jesus and believe that he was a peaceful and spiritual person. What I need to know about is Christianity as it is, not as it was taught to us. I have noticed that you know a lot about Islam, in fact more than all Imams (lol), and that you know the psychology of a Muslim person and how he is brought up and what he believes in. Therefore, I want you to explain what Christianity REALLY is in simple language, bearing in mind what I was a Muslim. Stuff like trinity, sins, hell and heaven and what the Bible is and how it was gathered…etc.
Thanks and peace
By the way, I come from Iran if you want to know my cultural background and was born to a Sunni father and Shiite Mother.

I hope you will oblige.

Very poor. Worse than I expected.

Wonderful presentation. And, I am extremely happy to know that Nabil had a positive result. I’ve been praying for him. Lord willing this will be in Friday’s post.

The evidence that convinced both David and Nabeel, amiright?

By the way, thank you for recommending me The Case for the Ressurrection of Jesus by Habermas and Licona. It changed my life.

should the link to the 100 page evidence of R in the desc

God gave his Son Jesus so we may live. I don’t comprehend the necessity of a blood redemption because I am not God. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

good vid bro!

Sorry to say I had to abandon it.

A ridiculous article in defends Islam by making 4 false claims:
The 4 essential facts about Islam you really need to know

i couldn’t go on listening… very difficult to follow, soundwise.

The audio is terrible, unfortunately.

English Subtitles could save this presentation.