German Church Hosts Islamic Prayers During Coronavirus Pandemic

A Berlin church (Martha Lutheran Church) is hosting Muslims who are unable to fit into their mosque (Dar Assalam Mosque in the Neukölln district) for Friday prayers because of social distancing guidelines. David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) discusses the issue.

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In canada where I live every Friday church is rented for Muslim Friday prayer.

Next thing to happen will be Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and this “pastor” opening Cologne Cathedral for Islamic worship, under the guise of “interfaith”. Both wearing hijabs and reciting the Shahada.

Why did the caliphates and ottomans ever bother trying to conquer Christian Europe? All they had to do was wait for the 21st century, and have it handed to them on a silver platter.

I wonder if Jesus would have let them in… I doubt that (Matthew 21:12–17, Mark 11:15–19, and Luke 19:45–48).
Yahweh and the god of the caravan robber are not the same god.

A building is not a church. I am afraid God left the building a long time ago. It’s now a mosque. God is among His true followers where ever they may be.

Sickening idolatry, in a CHURCH. :confounded:

no wonder, its a woman pastor

This is so sad.

It’s good that we see things like that still happening but the day ppl like you Mr wood, will start friction between men, we will stop seeing all this things happening. Do you know that the time of ottoman empire, muslim let chirstan practise their religion in peace, alsso in jurusalem under saladin, all was allowed to practise their faith, so I don’t know where u get your info but my sir your wrong & you have pledged yourself with devil, who promised Allah(S.W.T) that he will attack men from front, right & left. U can’t be a good man without denouncing devil. I pray u see light my friend, the light of Allah(God). I know you have haterd in u but u can’t be a good religious man with heart of stone. May Allah(God) helps u find good. Ameen

Muslim are not enemies it’s there so called Allah/Mohammad

They did it here in Ireland. Allowed imam to hold a prayer in the church. I’m sickened by it. Horrendous.

Bullshit! God warned Israel over and over again in the old testament because they kept bringing other worshippers and their rituals to Jehova’s Temple! they have just done the same! this is because of the misunderstanding of what Jesus said ‘’ love your enemies’'! he said love muslims, not ISLAM! ISLAM is a pagan religion and you cannot host its rituals where we pray to our God!

The “pastor” is named Monika? That tells me all I need to know. Smh.

É da PUC

If you love good it doesn’t matter what religion you are love the creator don’t be a hater

We are seeing the preparation for the coming of the antichrist. Satan is not sleeping.

Mosques are not a part of mandatory Islamic gathering. People can offer their prayers from inside their respective homes as well. Time for people to realize that Islam is a fraud mob-management of a 7th century caravan robber.

I totally agree! It has been seen and experienced so many times over the centuries, muslims invited/welcomed into non muslim churches, and like the worm in the apple, poisoning the fruit that gave it sustenance!
Islam never gives!
Islam only ever takes!
Islam takes your freedom of thought! Islam takes your freedom of independence! Islam takes your freedom of individuality!
I misspoke! Islam gives only one thing! The “freedom” to OBEY the dictum of islam, or be punished for disobedience! Stoning, flogging, amputation, death by murder!
Ah, such a loving, caring, benevolent, welcoming, friendly religion!

But such tolerance must be reciprocal… All mosques in Islamic countries must practice such magnanimous tolerance