Germany Bans Hezbollah, Raids Mosques and Homes

Germany has banned the militant political and religious organization Hebollah (the “Party of Allah”), designating it a “terror organization” and raiding mosques and homes. Ironically, this is the same German government that also bans criticism of Muhammad and the Quran.

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YouTube is platform but it acts like publisher

People trash Serbia, but you can speak whatever you want here. Freedom of speech is in excellent condition compared to USA or Germany. Western media likes to portray us like we are some African country with no freedom but anyone can come and see for themselves.

Germany is this powerhouse country that loves to self sabotage

What else can you expect from Germany & Germans.:laughing: All they have is beautiful cars…:relieved::100:

Germany is now Pisslamophobic now its official.

German leaders and Islam have common ground and that is and was Human distraction.

One little point: Germany didn’t start World War I, Austria did. A small point perhaps but it’s a fact.

I think you have to distinguish between the government and the people. Over here in Germany we have a mind control system quite similar to the China one. There is no free speech and no free mindset. There are subtle influences everywhere and free press is an illusion. This an effect that came upon the country after WW2. Before Germany was prospering over centuries and Christianity was the basic principle. Germany was leading n science and other areas. Then they turned around to follow Idols that leads them to total destruction. This has been a warning sign for us to turn back to Christ. In the 60th there was a revival and God had mercy on us and rebuild our country. Since many years we left the narrow way to follow the broad way. This means that all of our leaders are blinded by God and the enemy could direct their way. We don’t have to look at single incidents but more on an overall perspective. Churches became passive in proclaiming the true gospel and have been utilized to anesthetize the followers by telling them what their ears are itching for. This doesn’t happen only in Germany but all over the world. What happened to us can happen to every country because God is always the same. Don’t be arrogant to justify yourself but better humble yourself and do what the apostles did 2000 years ago. Stand up and it will have an impact on your society! Remember: Love conquers all!

Are they still blocking your vids; I can easily watch them from De ; Or do I just not see those wich are banned ?

Hey David! Youtube is advertising Islamic groups on your videos.

Germany was taught self hate & destruction after WW2.

David remember what Friedrich Nietzsche said that in the century following him it would become a worldwide madness we are wrong will be right and right will be wrong these are the natural Outworking of the godless it’s like Nietzsche was some sort of Satanic prophet

Angela Merkel ruined Germany also the whole European Union .

Hezbollah and the dahye kela

I am ashamed to being part German… I would rather fall back on my Scottish heritage and call it good

This guy sounds very ill-informed. Why doesn’t Germany end all support for the Zionist entity? Criticizing Israel in Germany can get you arrested.

Aloha Snackbar needs to be permanently closed for business…

Cnn has reached out to hezbullshit for comment…
Hear that everyone? What the world calls “terrorist”, CNN calls the “dominating elected political force in Lebenon”. CNN IS the enemy.