Germany Enforces Sharia Blasphemy Laws

Although German leaders assured us that their new “hate speech” law would not be used to curb freedom of expression, the law is being used to suppress criticism of Islam. Angela Merkel’s Germany is thus enforcing Sharia blasphemy laws, because Muhammad must not be mocked.

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people make up their own minds anyway when presented evidence… so the insulting part doesnt do anything but cause anxiet. anyway Aishas marriage at a young age is just part of the customs of the time and Muhammad on one or two occasions prior to departing for/coming back from the Farewell Pilgrimage attending all his wives is understood. Muslims are encouraged to engage in relations with their spouse prior to dawning the ihram for pilgrimage.

Germany going backwards again

Such brilliance

Absolutely brilliant.

Great work

Remember that the antichrist to come is Islam, and everything is being put together to achieve the apocalyptic prophecy.

First Bharat(India) to Hindustan…now it’s time for ,germanistan

Unable to share on facebook, facebook is a relativism machine.

To be fair I don’t like the jews but I don’t like the muslims either.

Google/youtube claim to have the best algorithms don’t they…
Then they should be able to tell if overzealous islam protectors are … well being overzealous, in their search to purge any opposition to it.
So maybe they do know, but go with the appeasement option anyway… Yeah obviously, ok.
OH… THE GERMAN GOVT!! Whoa! sorry, still had previous video on playlist in mind.

Who the fuck is Germany to be trying to muzzle the world in behalf of Islam?

We all Muslims strongly Condemn the blesphemy act done by France Govt due to their Islamophobia and i declare that the French President is an Evil and rubbish Minded Pesron and an enemy of Islam.

Being a Muslim i appriciate the German’s govt good law against the blasphemy and disrespection of our beloved and last Prophet (P.B.U.H) who sent by ALLAH SWT (GOD) to this world as a blessing and Who bring peace and Justice not only for Muslims but to all Mankind till the day of Judgement by the order of ALLAH (GOD).

Yeeha. I love these Fun Facts… :atom_symbol::atom_symbol::earth_asia:

Mohammed:allah wants me to have more sex than you followers
Followers: really?
Mohammed:yea that’s what he said
Mohammed:that’s just the way it is stop asking so many questions

Looks like Germany went from being one type of political dump to another type of political dump. ← this is more “hate speech” than David’s video.

I guess many other countries throughout europe are also political dumps. Being a European I might know something about it.

fools repeat histor(ical blunders)y