Girl Arrested in Tunisia for Insulting the Quran (Surah Corona)

An Algerian atheist named Djilou recently composed “Surah Corona,” which imitates the style of the Quran. A young woman from Tunisia (Amna al-Sharqi) who shared the verses on social media was arrested for insulting the Quran. Djilou and al-Sharqi are both being threatened with death. Surah Corona reads:

Covid. By the eradicating virus.
But they were surprised that it came to them from China far away.
So the infidels (kafirun) said it was a stubborn disease.
No, rather it is certain death.
There is no difference today between the kings and slaves.
So hold on to science and abandon traditions.
And don’t go out to buy wheat.
And stay home, for it is a strong scourge.
And wash your hands with new soap.
Almighty Djilou has provided this truth.

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Well done!

Wouldn’t know it mimics the quoran if I don’t read that much.

satans cult

SO sorry to hear that about the young women. Also interesting that I think her Surah was better than what was in the quran

I don’t quite agree with this video as you seem to like what Djilou did even calling herself almighty.

LOL :joy:



i am a tunisian and ppl insult quraan daily and no one cares, especially in politics

Surah Corona and David Wood Exposed
Verse one says “in the name of Djilou the gracious and merciful” which is a direct rip off from the opening lines of every chapter if Quran
“In the name of Allah, mist gracious, most merciful”.

If you all cannot defeat Quran DO NOT COPY FROM IT.

Please show respect to us atheists and others living in muslim countries. It can be very dangerous. a lot of muslims have no understanding of individuality or personal freedom

Honestly Man You Can’t Make Anything Like Quran Recitation Even In Arabic Language Try It If You Can. And Unfortunately There Are A Lot Of Verse In Quran About What To Do In The Time Of Plague.

Qurana Virus :microbe:

I think this is the reason why Music is Haram :notes::joy::fire:


I’m laughing so darn hard at your singing :sob::rofl:

I have a feeling that this surah will be perfectly preserved