God and Coronavirus: David Wood & Adam Coleman LIVE (8:00pm ET)

David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) and Adam Coleman (Tru-ID Apologetics), aka the Flu-Tang Clan, will be LIVE at 8:00pm (ET) addressing the topic “God and Coronavirus” and taking questions from the chat.

Adam’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/scottlane7
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WU-TANG CLAN knowers!!! :heart::rofl::100:


Appreciate the perspective on the Milgrim experiment. People confirm to what ‘experts’ in lab coats tell them to do. Appropriate to think about in the current circumstances when we get so many experts giving conflicting advice. What does bold faith in Christ look like?

How can god make Suicide himself… Totally illogical… If he just want to forgive easily he will forgive… Islam make sense

I was told the virus was allowed to wake us up, so we call out to God.

islam the great evil was prophesied. The great fight between God and Allah, and that great serpent Allah and his followers will be destroyed by the king of kings.

Adam is one sharp apologist. Subscribed.

There’s David wood the word of Allah. That’s funny to me though. I do like watching your videos david

Mohammed meets David wood

I Love you David Wood

God did rush in to save us! Be it the plague or covid19, He gave us His Son, who gave us the authority to heal who we may, if only we had faith of the mustard seed.

I hate Mohammed :-1: bad disgusting he is married child he is slavery own

This is a question from a Muslim. Is there a reason why you put one Punch man picture

You guys are a super encouragement. Praying for you and yours!

Hey David,
The biggest virus on this earth is Kuran virus.
Your videos and live streams are very educational, great.
Everyone loves your work David.

Can u read bhagwat geeta (without explanation). It’s a Hindu text

Bingo. Dillahunty’s atheist worldview is built on nonsense. Makes sense because Marxism is the pinnacle of atheism and it’s built on the same nonsense.

Stay away from Marxism. Stay away from atheism. Repent of this garbage and come to Jesus.

Am from India and I understand all that David says, while am not getting even half of what Mr. Coleman says. His pronunciation/speed makes it difficult to decipher what he says.

Thanks much gentleman. I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to Jon joining you guys.
Blessings from Canada, :anchor: