God and the Justification of Human Rights (Angus Menuge)

Nearly everyone believes in human rights (rights that human beings possess simply because they are human beings). But what is the foundation of human rights? In this lecture, Dr. Angus Menuge discusses the relationship between God and human rights.

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The right is exactly The Word God have 2 sides of sharpen both of them will justified 2 sides.

It’s ok David----Trust In GOD-----that’s my answer. If you submit to Jesus then you must trust in Him.

How are right to life and right to death contradictory?

Anyway to get the power point David?


did the bible say fight for the rights of the oppressed ? In Isaiah i believe

David—explain how you think Christians should react to the violent subjugation by Muslims when our Lord tells us not to repay evil with evil. Tough question but I’m struggling for an answer.

Actually no, not nearly everyone. Muslims believe in sharia and comprise nearly a 1/3rd of humanity. Then there are the tinpot dictatorships, China, and liberals.

Fails to link rights to responsibilities, thus mediocre at best.

Smart guy, well delivered content

Human rights have become a tool of the left. Most things that the left are pushing they deem to be rights, for instance marriage.

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I’m sure some atheistic version of rights and morality can be, maybe even have been, derived. But how did a practical framework get made thousands of years ago?

Natural Rights come from God. Human/Civil Rights are privileges created by governments for favored groups.


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@***** yes it does, and i’m nto christian btw

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