God Appears to Hagar, Abraham, and Isaac (The Trinity in Jewish and Christian Scripture, Part 5)

This is Part 5 of “The Trinity in Jewish and Christian Scripture.”

In the Book of Genesis, the Angel of the LORD appeared not only to Jacob (as we saw in Part 4), but also to Hagar, Abraham, and Isaac. Yet the Angel of the LORD is referred to as God (Yahweh or Jehovah), and yet somehow as distinct from another divine person who is God. This means that the God proclaimed in Genesis is not unipersonal, and that the patriarchs were not unitarians. Anthony Rogers discusses the issue.

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This is Part 5 of our series on the Trinity, beginning in Genesis. If you missed the previous installments, here’s the playlist: - YouTube

Thanks for video

The only trinities found are in Hindu and Gnostic scriptures.

It’s so funny to debate Jews and show them Angel of The Lord arguments. Besides others. Thank you David and Anthony.

Anthony rogers is Gods apologetic mouthpiece!

This is one of the best presentations I have seen on the verity of the Trinity. Thank you so much.

The following is from the Revelation, not a proof of the Trinity but is the best source in the N.T. which shows Jesus is God, which does put to rest the One and Only God belief system as well.

Jesus is God, because He sent HIS Holy Prophet from heaven, to the Holy Prophet John in the Revelation, telling us Jesus is Lord God of the Holy Prophets.
Rev. 22:16, Rev. 2:6-9

I believe Jesus knows who he is, and wouldn’t send HIS HOLY PROPHET TO TELL THE HOLY PROPHET JOHN, A LIE.

Jesus is God, because the Holy Prophet John, after hearing one of God’s Holy Prophets, sent from heaven, by Jesus, telling him Jesus is LORD GOD of the HOLY PROPHETS, says Jesus is GOD ALMIGHTY.
Rev. 1:7-8

  1. That’s Jesus and two of his Holy Prophets telling you Jesus is LORD GOD of the HOLY PROPHETS, and calling Jesus, GOD ALMIGHTY!

  2. Jesus knows who he is and wouldn’t send two of HIS HOLY PROPHETS to lie to you!!!

If any of God’s Holy Prophets are here on this site, feel free to comment.

The rest of you aren’t qualified to make a valid comment.

If one claims God appeared in all these instances when the bible clearly states that it was an angel, how is it these who ‘saw God’ didn’t die immediately?

Exodus 33:20 'God told Moses “No man can see me and live.”

Isaiah 48:16.


Biggest Catfish in history, Muhammad x allah

Yeah. My struggle here is that the talmud boasts about two things very clearly and undeniably. One; that Jesus is in hell boiling in a vat of excrement for all eternity for offending the Pharisees. Two; bragging about how the pharisees caused the murder of Jesus when he was only 33 whilst they lived to be old. Comparing the talmud to the quran is like comparing one type of life threatening cancer to another. A “christian” who knows this but misleads other Christians about it is by definition an anti christ.

The Angel of the Lord was a manifestation of the Father in the old testament similar to the Son of God being the incarnation of the Father in the new testament. Everything revolves around the Father, from which all things proceed. We are not talking about three persons in a godhead (whatever that means). There is only one God, the Father who revealed himself to Moses calling himself IAM, who is the same Jesus Christ who confessed to be called IAM also. Jesus Christ is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, God Almighty. When God breathes his (Holy) Spirit in man, he does not breath a third person of the trinity into him. When God speaks, his Word is not a second person in the trinity. The Angel of the Lord, the Word, the Son, the Holy Ghost, the burning bush, the Ancient of days, and any other manifestation of the invisible Father is still the same God Almighty whose name has been revealed as Jesus Christ because he is the only Saviour and there is none beside him.

To any Muslim thinking to convert to Christianity but struggle with the trinity, you have nothing to worry about. The trinity doctrine is a man made doctrine, which came from the Evil roman catholic church and its heretic predecessors. The Bible clearly teaches only one God, the Father and that God came down in the form of a man (not that he ceased to exist in his invisible form), so that he could lay down his life for us, which otherwise would be impossible.

Did Jesus pray to himself? Yes, because otherwise he would be praying to another God and we believe only one God was manifest in the flesh, so we believe he is the same God that was in heaven while he was in the flesh. Which Jesus also confessed as he claimed to be in heaven while he was on the earth.
Why did Jesus pray to himself? The same reason he followed all the laws that no one could keep. It was to fulfill the righteousness that we could not. God chose to humble himself in the form of a servant, as a servant he had to do all the things that a man would do, except sin because it’s impossible for God to sin. He did all these things for our sake because we could not do it ourselves.

The scripture teaches that God was manifest in the flesh. As for trinitarians they do not believe the fullness of God, that is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost came in the flesh, but they believe only one of the three persons (heretic doctrine they made up) came in the flesh. They believe an eternal son was manifest in the flesh. But what did Jesus say? The Scripture teaches Jesus is the image of the invisible God, so which “person in a godhead” (I’m playing along with their doctrine) did manifest in the flesh according to Jesus Christ?
Well, Jesus said if you see me you see the eternal Son of God spirit which was with the Father that came down from heaven, or wait… No! He said if you see me you see the Father, if you know me you know the Father, now you have both seen the Father and known him! So which of the persons did manifest in the flesh according to Jesus?

Do any of you see how clear Jesus Christ made this? Jesus Christ is the Father manifest in the flesh! That is why he also said the the words he spoke are the words of the Father, the miracles he did are the works of the Father, he said the Son can do nothing of himself, but whatever the Father does, so the Son does also. That means, Jesus was saying his body was just the temple and the temple cannot do anything by itself, but rather God working through the temple did the works and everything the Father did, you would see the Son do also. So when people worshiped the Son, they glorified the Father because the Son is the manifestation of the invisible God and when he speaks to you or does a miracle it’s God speaking to you and God doing the miracle.

We realize that the Father was in the temple (the Son), but remember Jesus said I am in the Father and the Father is in me. So Jesus is saying that he is the Father inside of the temple and the temple is the Father (since it is the manifestation of the invisible God). That is why we have verses that say God laid down his life, or that God died and rose again, even though we know God cannot die in his invisible form, but his manifestation, his Body can die, which he sees as Himself also. I know that when I die, I don’t die, because I don’t cease to exist, but only my body died, yet I still say that I died. God the Father sees his body as himself, that is why his body never sees corruption and lives forever. This is also why Jesus speaks about his flesh being the manna that came down from heaven, because his flesh is the manifestation of God the Father which is in heaven. He also says unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you, because his flesh and blood is a manifestation of the Father and as the Holy Spirit also is a manifestation of the same Father, when you receive the Holy Spirit, you are receiving the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ and become part of the body of Christ.

This is some pretty advanced stuff, but whoever can receive it let them receive it. My point is there is only one God, the Father, who revealed himself as Jesus Christ. Now, if any of you will see the throne of God, the only one on the throne you will see is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He claimed to be the first and the last, the beginning and the ending, the alpha and omega, the Almighty God. The reason you will only be able to see the Son is because he is the only visible one, although you might also see a manifestation of his Spirit such as fire. But which of you foolish trinitarians will stand before the throne of Jesus Christ and ask to speak to the invisible Father or to the Holy Ghost? Don’t you see how foolish that is? I like the verse at the end of revelation that speaks about the city not needing the Sun to light it, because the Glory of God did light the city, and it says the Lamb is the light thereof. “I am the truth the way and the life, no one comes to God except by believing in me” who can say such things except God himself?

Jesus calls Himself The Son of God or The Son of Man, and He calls Father God (His God, and our God). Why to complicate it with calling Jesus God, I don’t know. I’d stick to Jesus’s terminology.

God wrestled ?you people prepare for the fire or repent from believing in crap

“Angel” means nothing more than “messenger” so this three-part description is only a precognition that God is a Trinity. The messenger is the Holy Spirit, as usual but not always, because wherever there is one the others are also present. Together, the three are God, singular.

Islam has always gotten this wrong. God did not choose to bless the world through Hagar and Ishmael. And Ishmael was not the son whom Abraham almost sacrificed to God, as a test of his faithfulness. Instead, Isaac trusted his father to know what he was doing, so he was given the firstborn’s blessing, which passed to his son Jacob. These three are the fathers of the Jews, who are chosen to bring light to the whole world.

Hagar took her son and wandered off into the desert, probably with some bitterness, as her son was not given the blessing.

What part of the trinity would he be?
Aren’t there 7 spirits of God?
Could this be one of them?
Matthew 2:13, 19 & 20 all have Jesus in the womb while the angel of the lord appears to Joseph in a dream…
This has puzzled me.
Is he showing himself as he truly is although he is a baby in the womb?
I wouldn’t say he couldn’t do this, but it makes me wonder about the situation.
Kjvm has said that the trinity is a heresy…maybe you could cover this subject?
He says that God the father is Jesus’ soul and the holy spirit is obviously his spirit while Jesus is the body of the three.
But at the same time he ends up saying that people are reading into these scriptures in the wrong way but doesn’t cover certain verses…Idk what to say about that dude.

Anthony, can u do a session on Melchizedek? I find this character very difficult to understand? Why he appeared is he another appearance of the Son in the old testament?

I was a muslim now a Christian but I realized when I was still in Islam when some one from another faith talks or challenged my faith I get furious and so mad at them. But in christ I realize when you challenge my faith I don’t get angry I just try to explain things and also learn in the process

I really enjoy your clear, thorough teaching style Anthony. Well done, as usual.