God, Science, and Atheism

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As Dr. Lawrence Principe notes, “The idea that scientific and religious camps have historically been separate and antagonistic is rejected by all modern historians of science.” Nevertheless, the idea that science and religion are in conflict remains extremely popular, thanks to certain politically motivated works written in the 1800s and a variety of more recent claims (most notably by the “new atheists”). Yet even a brief consideration of the views of the leaders of the scientific revolution and of history’s most important scientists shows not only that belief in God is quite prevalent among scientists, but also that it has been a driving force in their discoveries. This video presents a number of quotes to illustrate the truth about the relationship between science and religion.

He is did believed then is God there not God like human. Dude. poor you

Problem with this is that todays people think that people that time were just dumb. they cant see how Christianity shaped everything. when 2000 years of something in the core of society it becomes the waters people swim without knowing it. Good things in the West are Christian and not the universal values as they like to think


why did you add andrew dickson white with the scientists, as he was not a scientist but a politician and a historian?

I’m not that good at reading so I can’t watch the video but I like it I’m sure it’s good. Next month I am going to try to get a tutor so I can learn how to read and write better. I use talk-to-text to write.

Great efford brother. God bless you. Learning lot from you.

The link to “Science, religion and the galileo affair” doesn’t work & I can’t find the vid please post the link.

God science and atheism are total opposites always!

And 0% of them are actually religious.

Thanks for this!

Hi David, can you do anything on aristotle?

Science and Christianity are not enemies. I’ve recently become more open to the idea of evolution being compatible with Christianity. I’m not 100% on it but I’m always willing to take Jesus’ word for it. If He says it’s true, it’s true, and if He says it’s false, it’s false.

So your saying that these Christian scientist are smarter than god who wrote the Old Testament cause they got the science right and he got it wrong ??? LOL

I noticed that people who lack empathy, seem to pretend to know the unknowable, as a way to gain attention and have a steady flow of ego boost. Does it mean peolemwith empathy are better? No. We are just different. Ones with empathy and still choose to do bad selfish acts, are seen as worse in the minds of those on the narcissist spectrum.

I highly recommend “I Don’t Believe in Atheists” by Chris Hedges, for those that like common sense and how this is something that don’t go along with Atheism very well.

Wow, I see in the comments so many atheists are triggered!

you should have said more about Francis Collins he is a Christian brother.

The sad thing is that so many atheists base their atheism on false knowledge, that they truly think all these great scientists did not believe in God. And the more “modern” scientists are just angry with religion… well guess what… God also hates Religion… the Bible never speaks about any religions. Humans created religion.

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