God, Science, and Atheism

Why didn’t you include ancient and modern Indian scientists?:thinking:
BTW great video!:pray:

lol f for athiests

these all scientists & scholars of their feild believed in God. this video increased my faith in Allah - our Creator, the most perfect & who send many prophet including Jesus & Moses. may peace be upon them all.

Someone said to me today they don’t believe in God because they don’t believe in things they cannot see and this is in the midst of a Pandemic where something you cannot see is infecting and killing people. Thats like saying I don’t believe in Gravity because I can’t see it. I don’t believe in Air. Some people don’t have philosophical mind and that’s why they don’t believe in God they’re more about how things work rather than why they work. To them life is an accident and has no purpose and there is no existence beyond what they can see. Yet many say they think there may be the possibility of intelligent life on other planets…but they find the idea of intelligent design laughable. The story of creation in the Bible is not something I take literally. But intelligent design makes more sense than a big bang and a whole chain of accidents that lead to life on earth. The big bang theory is more laughable than the story of creation and Atheists are just as sheep like as religious people who don’t question or test their belief and just follow because that’s what they were born into.

3:55 Newton didn’t discover calculus, he invented it. Calculus wasn’t something that existed, waiting to be discovered. Newton created its laws, formulas, language.

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If God wasn’t real you would expect these scientists to expose it. But all of the greatest minds in history believed in God. It really rustles my jimmys when an atheist says people were stupider in those days compared to now. Isaac newtons iq was like 200 and laid the foundations for modern physics. Imagine being so full of pride that you would say you were smarter than isaac newton just because of his beliefs.

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Atheism is not a belief.

Oh the irony. Calling atheists sheep. Oh my God.

Words, words, words. These scientists believed in God because that was the trend. That does not make any evidence or proof of any kind. None of them brought evidence that God exists (if you exclude fallacies and bad arguments). What a scientist thinks is not proof of reality. You’re cherry picking what fits you.

oh and you included hawking in the others, but his vision is that the simplest explanation is that there is no god. But you hoped it would blend in the others and nobody will notice. You failed.

Atheist don’t said “Believe us!”. They say “Use your mind!” instead.

Science is the study of God’s work

Psalm 14 :1
The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
So Atheists are fool according to the Bible.
And maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a policeman.

David your videos proof how smart you are and you’re such a wonderful teacher God bless you bro.

For ex atheist now turn Christian to answer:as a born again christian, how do you think of atheist try to prove the existence of God through science?

Had To Slow It Down To Read It All Yet It’s Still a Totally Cool :sunglasses: Video
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the audacity of this man to include even Galileo

I thought Hitchens is sort of serious scientist…:rofl:

Francis Bacon

His last name is awesome