Hagia Sophia Is a Mosque Again! (But That's Not as Terrible as You Think!)

On July 10, 2020, Turkish President Erdogan announced that Hagia Sophia (“Holy Wisdom”), which had been a museum since 1935, was again being converted into a mosque. Since the Church of Hagia Sophia was built by Christians in honor of Jesus Christ, many are upset about its reconversion to a mosque. David Wood, however, has a different perspective.

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Check out the Apostate Prophet’s video on this topic here: Turkey Turns Hagia Sophia Into a Mosque - YouTube

The reason you can be “positive” about it is because you are not Greek Orthodox.

Look at the bright side😎


Orthodox Russia opened one of the biggest mosques in Moscow for its Muslim minority? How do “tolerant, peaceful” Muslims answer? Like this.

Honestly, Aya Sofia Is a ruin and when i saw It on a photo It seemed to me that It was all black.
The modern Aya Sofia Is more similar to a garage.
When I have the churchs Like San Marco in Venice or San Vitale in Ravenna, what Is Aya Sofia?

Haha Sophia was a idol temple before Roman occupation of Anatolia

The fourth crusade was much more destructive to Hagia Sophia than what the turks did.

Never knew Solomon conquered al Aqsa :exploding_head:


They put up veils over the Christian icons during Muslim prayer

Exactly, a mosque stands on the birthplace of Krishna in Mathura. They destroyed the temple which stood there and constructed a mosque leaving just the sanctum. Taking that same sanctum as focus a new temple was constructed during the time of British. But they slaughter animals and shout “there is no God except allah” from the most holy site of Bhagvats. They did the same with Ram’s birthplace in Ayodhya, but now we have it back. And also the same with Varanasi Temple.

David Wood want angry with muslim.Hahahaha​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

As a Turk, I am ashamed that Hagia Sophia is become as a mosque again…

Such a lie they never kill no one

Turkey is the worlds stupidest country. U don’t see Christians making a huge strike about this

Islam: the “religion” of “peaceful” conquest and “peaceful” suppression of all things not-Islam.

Hi brother david
Have you heard?
In china jinping turned a mosque into public toilet :ok_man:

U said u r not angry and looking at the bright side lol u r stupid