Halal Homer Responds to Assassination Plot Video!

Recently, I posted a video about Halal Homer, one of Mohammed Hijab’s “torch carriers,” contacting a Muslim convert whose goal in life is to murder me. Halal Homer sent me an email saying that he has no intention of harming anyone, so I thought I’d be fair and share his message.

Halal Homer’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgCstnkRZWKGGt1jbNt348w

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I’ll be LIVE with the Apostate Prophet at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Ali Dawah’s murderous plans for the future. Here’s the link: - YouTube

@halalhomer can somebody fill me in on this situation? :sob:

all your enemies may be judged according to Deuteronomy 28

La illaha ilAllah Mohammadan RasulAllah :pray:

Halal homer more like halal boomer

The persons how convert to Islam ,not because of the good side (it is bad side to us,not muslims) but because of 72 virgins and 300 gets and the river of alcohol

70 virgins are smaller in number then 100 virgins of cristian heaven (matthew 19:29).Go to school David Rotten

Islam is a cult. Mohammad was the cult leader. Islam is a cultic political system devised to control the masses especially women. Control in nearly all aspects of life. Finance, Food, Govt Administration, Courts and Law, Wealth distribution, Social in terms of Marriage, Divorce, Conversions, Birth and Burial.

Muslims, please comment… I’m waiting

I made a video on my new channel started thanks to guys like you. It’s called “French protest to Allah” :smirk:

Never worry , lord is with us , praise the lord son holy spirit.

TikTokTimeToCock… a Glock… err, fuck.

I’ll see myself out.

Fuq hahahahahalalalalaaal

Bruh you are so disgusting , I saw you wripping quaran like a pyscho what a loser. No Muslim would ever do that to the bible because they respect all religions. What a pathetic soul.

Halal Homer from Shariafield.

Who do muslims believe was the God of Abraham? Allah? In which case, the three Abrahamic religions all worship Allah. Well, why are muslims against Jews and Christians?

Acts17Apologetics Dr. David Wood were did you go to prison???

First the guy with the :b:eter Griffin profile picture, and now Halal Homer. Wow, how progressive of them to use pictures!

“Just because someone associates himself with one of the most despicable people on the planet doesn’t mean he’s plotting murder.”

1.6 billion people, as an example.

Scared assholes backpedaling…