Happy New Year, Jihadis! (David Wood)

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This video is a “Happy New Year” greeting for jihadis. Lots of new material coming out this year!


Thank you sir for this video.

God bless you and your family.

Jesus Christ is God

They should focus on putting the Qurans and Hadiths in garbage.They have no dignity.All they want for Christmas are new Qurans and Hadiths.

I love this Video ! .
I remember when I first watched it … I wasn’t expecting the microphone and the song and it got me laughing.

You have a unique way of communicating something serious in a way that speaks the truth , whilst being humerous at the same time.

How is your Brother doing ? .

Islam can only operate by fear and intimidation which is a sign of incredible weakness. Dudes, just admit you were wrong, no big thing!

This guy is devil and big lier all Christian are not like him this guy like to lie too much

You are great! You are great and you are great! Did I told you that you are great? I am a loving stalker! You are in my head, and I like that. Keep doing what you do!

Key board jihadis,

No human being with proper sense of mind can write this to you, they are criminals, perpetrators and terrorist.

May God bless your children and forgive those stupid idiots who think they are on top of the world

0oooh am addicted to you david

I thought I would find these horrible jihadis who make death threats. I hadn’t found any.


Blow the brains out of jihadi son of whores.

Long life David. Godbless you :innocent:

The sheer physical strength it must take to carry what must be church bell sized genitalia, maybe there is a flat bed outside to help transport them. Love you brother, may God richly bless you, and your family.

Hahahahahahah" funny guy I want to see a debate bitween mr bean v David wood.

I laughed all day after watching this video!

Brilliant love the responses you gave them cool, and collective, I don’t get it all Muslims seem like if they don’t refer to insult in a sexual manner it won’t be good you notice that or have to swear alot use bad words to make themselves feel good but all it does is show how dirty they are just like Muhammad their false teacher

Islam evil continues on and on.