Has the Quran Changed over Time? (Islam Critiqued)

Has the Quran changed over time? Has the Quran been perfectly preserved? Muslims around the world have been assured by their imams and apologists that there is only one Quran, perfectly preserved from the time it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. In reality, the Quran has been repeatedly changed, and Muslim leaders have burned countless copies of the Quran to cover up the changes and differences. Colin from Islam Critiqued explains the truth about the Quran’s preservation.

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at 4:25 the very next sentence literally says “however the result is not important because it was memorized by 1000’s of people in different periods” funny how you decided not to include that sentence in the highlights which destroys your entire argument on preservation…

It’s amazing how many holes there are in the each branch of the Abrahamic mythology and how oblivious to it people are. The need to find some comfort in life is enough to make rational humans accept the unbelievable (and also unprovable). It blows my mind. Hopefully my grandchildren will live to see a day with out the sickness of religion.

Muslims: The Gospels are Corrupted. Also Muslims: Look it’s a Prophecy of the Islamic Prophet in the Gospels.

You should do a video debunking the bald denials of seemingly reputable seemingly non-Muslim academics like Angelika Neuwirth. It’s the most popular refuge of besieged apologists of the 7th century cut-and-paste (badly) Arabian conjob.

Quran 15:9 says that the Quran is supposedly preserved. Now with the above evidence, it is clear to anyone with understanding that 15:9 has been proven false and if 15:9 is proven false, then the Quran is lying and therefore the Quran and then Islam is false. Boom.

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Bruh this guy doesn’t evem know Arabic he’s just reading the translation that is probably not right bruhhhhh no translation is close the original book the only good translation is Abdullah Yusuf Ali


I don’t know he sounds very scary and his looks don’t help him it feels like I am watching Something untruthful and it feels that he lies to us just to get subribers

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u are being misguided here, The actual script of the Quran is Arabic not in any other Language, and miraculously it’s in its original form for 1400 years. Diffirent scholars contradict the translation of few verses according to their belief/sect. But the original version of Quran is preserved and will be forever as Allah Almighty has taken this over himself

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Islam is a big fat lie

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Hahaha that’s the joke of the year man how can you change the Quran when millions of people learned the Quran in every era … man you talking about something you don’t know … first read the Quran then come give us the talk …

Hahahaha Quran is only the book which can never be changed, God himself took. it’s security.

WHAT THE! where do you even get that information from😂. Hafsa was Umar’s daughter not Abu Bakr’s!
and…I need proof. get two Qurans if you believe they are different then present me verses that are different and I will listen!