Hatun Tash: Robbed by Jihadis, Arrested by Police AGAIN! (LIVE with Hatun, 7:00pm ET)

I’ll be LIVE with Hatun Tash, who was robbed and arrested for criticizing Islam at Speakers Corner.

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Shame to London police. Before many British killed with terror allahou akbar metro chimique …petrodollar if not islam ended

She needs a group of Christians :latin_cross: to have her back at speakers corner

You r a warrior hatun, be proud of your experience with the Cops and use it, wear the prison clothes and go back to the speakers corner and question them, if you are wrong why are they so insure and pulling these stunts. Is it just because your write or is it because you are an ex muslim WOMEN questioning them and their beliefs. God bless you and protect you always :pray:

Those poop are talking… Weird… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

god bless hattun, lavish your grace on her.

Hatun would do well to have a legal close by every Sunday. The police will soon think twice about abusing common lore rights of Christians being persecuted because the police clearly have an order to pander to the islamic agenda and protect is incitement to commit crime and hate.

The truth always hurts.

London has gone to Satan

Bring Lloyd de Jong onto your channel please before you delete it. Maybe not your cup of tea


Anyone notice a bold bloke wearing a white mask in blue top lead the police to hatun, then he started putting his arms in the air like is victorious. Was wrongfully arrested.

She Will Not Sue No One. She Is With The Way Jesus Wants People To Be! Jesus Suffer Much More. Hatun Suffer And She Lives To Tell The Truth About God And Jesus And Holy Spirit. God Bless Her. I Would Not SUE!

May you be continually delivered from wicked, evil and violent men.

What’s the matter with England. The land who have been christianized for a long time by the apostle.

Friends support this woman channel in description

Give hatun a whole box of critical qurans so if they steal her quran again at least they end up with a good book that’s worth them reading. And its just more critical qurans sold and more of them out there.


Hii , please make a video on kanhaiyalal , this man was beheaded by two Muslim men for supporting nupur sharma

You can tell how demon possessed the muslims are who are cheering. Pray for them.