Hatun Tash Stabbed at Speakers' Corner

Christian evangelist Hatun Tash was stabbed today at Speakers’ Corner in London. Hatun is a vocal critic of Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran, as well as a prominent defender of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and she was wearing a Charlie Hebdo shirt when she was attacked.

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For the SOCO Films footage of the attack: Hatun Stabbed | Christophobia in Speakers' Corner - YouTube

For the Apostate Prophet’s video about the stabbing (“Hatun Tash STABBED by Muslim at Speaker’s Corner!”): Hatun Tash STABBED by Muslim at Speaker's Corner! - YouTube

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Are you allowed to make a fun of the Queen in England by drawing her ridiculously on a piece of paper as Hatun has made???is it a freedom people???writing any thing against the Jews and denying any thing about their history??
Can anyone does one of these things???
The answer:
You will disappear in the same day from this world……
Just try man.
But making a fun , swearing,insulting and drawing the Prophet Mohammed in a bad way is ok and freedom.???
It is a big sin people.
It is unacceptable at all.
How dare you people to support your false claims???

Why would an Assyrian Christian attack a woman for drawing Mohammed when that’s not against his religion? Make it make sense lol

Islam is completely disgusting

Fearless, Jesus is with hatun :latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross:

Wow I hope she’s OK. Has her attacker been caught? She’s a brace woman

The spirit of God is truly with her

Ah yes, very peaceful…

It amazing how you blame it on muslims bc you know hatun is a hate preacher so u assume it is a muslim

Her bravery is to be witnessed.

She’s incredible.

Fake news

Bruh she was like “oh no I’ve been stabbed…anyways”. Lord Jesus Christ has truly blessed this woman. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

this channel is shameless you are trying so hard to turn off the light of islam but trust you never will why dont you talk about the muslim that were attacked in this park too

What about the millions of Algerian Muslims who were killed by the French in the name of Christianity Reply me if you can



She wants to preach her hate dont give her medical attention

Christian was the one who stabbed her and David Wood got a pickle up his rear end lol

David Wood and Hatun are both cowards