Heina Dadabhoy: From Islam to Atheism

Heina’s site: Heinous Dealings - Here to disrupt your narrative.
David’s site: http://www.answeringmuslims.com
Heina Dadabhoy was raised as a Muslim, but she eventually began to notice problems in the Muslim sources. She is now an atheist. In this video, David Wood interviews Heina on her conversion.

She definitely never was a Muslim

She doesn’t believe in truth but claims to seek it. How can she even trust herself to recognize it in the event that she does finds it if she doesn’t even think it exists :man_facepalming:t4:

This girl is so full of shit. She’s such a loudmouth and talks extensively when she should listen. Her points are so nonsensical and counterproductive. She’s saying not even religious people know the standards of morality because they’re all doing different things? When the hell does that ever justify whether something is true or not? God’s 10 commandments are the standard and that doesn’t change whether people adhere to them or not. But those that do notice they have a much higher quality of life than those that don’t. I’m amazed at how ignorant this woman is.

John 3:16 NKJV For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

No it’s you who lies !
I grew up in iran and memorized half of the Quran and now I am Ex muslim and atheist.
You don’t have any right to judge people especially Heina .
She destroyed you in debate .
And now your lashing out !!!

Great conversation. Love the ABN channel.
God bless

She sounds like she wants a lot attention and is just doing this publicity stunt to piss of her parents etc etc.
You can see it on her face.

GOD is beyond the understanding of human capacity to understand GOD- no material /scientifice evidence to approve or disapprove…

Unless one has a beam in heart of seeking, no amount of conving evidence works to believe.

David is so patient.

Islam is atheism. The God of Islam does not exist. So, coming out of Islam and just becoming an atheist actually means leaving a lie for another lie.

I myself is an ex-Muslim who came to Christ. However, I treat other ex-Muslims as Muslims, if they have not accepted Christ yet. Sorry to say, but this is the truth. Most Muslims follow religion as a culture, nothing about God. Its only when someone comes to Christ, they have and are able to truly leave Islam. Only Christ can heal and save a Muslim.

Near the end she uses the argument of upbringing. Yet she herself stands in contrast to this argument…

If she knew that the Earth is flat and that the Bible declares that, she might change her mind.

david actually helps alot of muslims(with brain) to get saved from this cult islam believes.

We would be so much better of without the Bible and the Koran. Less human suffering. More human happiness.

atheist are like a fish in a deep wide ocean looking for evidence of water… GOD is everywhere…

atheists are people who are in love with their sins…

If atheist don’t believe in God where does LOVE come from??.. are you an asteroid Rock from space and came to Earth by chance??

Funny that the Muslims insist apostates were never Muslims and are just Jews pretending to be Muslims until the time is right to reveal their true colors. Only a religion that glorifies the practice of dishonesty (taqiyya) could see logic in such an accusation.

David has opened the door to truth for the muslims. This lady has replaced Allah with herself. Atheists should see videos of Hugh Ross, an astrophysicist who is no fool. Satan wants us to be our own god, thinking we know it all. Humble ourselves and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us. The word, god, means He is the one who is the creator, giving lives. No one can claim to be that. We can kill but cannot give life.

Why do religious people always say that Atheists are here to disprove God. We don’t want to disprove anything, we just do not believe in what you believe in. Maybe there are some atheists that are out there trying to turn people away from religion and that’s their own priority. That doesn’t mean that is what every atheist is out to do. I just want to live my life without all of this religion weighing me down. I just want to live my life free from these archaic rules. Sure, I live by the rules of man.

You know, not to kill others and all of that jazz because I am a very compassionate person and I try to love everyone equally. Though, I do not think that having sex before marriage is that big of a deal since it’s a way to show affection and to be intimate with your partner. I think sexual interaction is as important than social interaction when it comes to relationships. We might be humans, but we were animals first and that’s obvious from everything that science tells us and if you look at the animal kingdom you can see the evidence in what I’m saying.

That sexual interaction is very important to a solid relationship between 2 people. That’s all I mean by what I said about religious rules. I just don’t need a religion to tell me what is good and what is evil because I can make those choices on my own because of the rules of society and moral judgement. There are religious people out there that have a twisted view on morality and they have religion to guide them and they still kill people or molest children. There are some sick religious people and it’s obvious that they’re just as twisted as the rest of us no matter what religion or non-religion that we uphold.

I do love David Wood’s show and do not get me wrong, I do not believe in God or Gods and I do not like to label myself. I guess I am an atheist, but I was baptized catholic and was always raised in religion. I had deeply religious parents and I’m afraid my family has disowned me simply because I do not join them in church. It’s a sad existence to live your life so devoted to God that you are willing to turn away your own child and sibling because they don’t believe in the same thing that you do. I do not think that’s what Jesus or God would have wanted if he was real. It’s just sad that this is what religion has become, a special club that you’re either apart of or aren’t…