Help This Muslim Who Is Threatening to Kill Himself

A Muslim in the comments section of my video “Five Reasons the Quran Is Not the Word of God” recently vowed to kill himself if I could show him a source saying that Muhammad had sex with his slave-girl. I had to tell him that no one wants him to do that and that he should promise not to commit suicide. I then provided him proof that Muhammad had sex with his slave-girl (Mary the Copt). Let’s hope our new Muslim friend realizes that David Wood is not a liar and that Muhammad was a false prophet.

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For more on Muhammad getting caught having sex with his slave-girl, check out this video: - YouTube

Traditionally Muslims HATE those who tell them the truth (by showing them the Qur’an and sahih Hadith)
much more than they love Allah and obey Muhammad prophet.
And naturally, Muslims love those who tell them LIES and hide the truth: it is imams, sheikhs, mufties etc.
Hatred is the cornerstone of Islam,
while the cornerstone of christianity is Jesus Christ, who gave His Life for the forgiveness of our sins and reconciled us to God by His suffering and dying on the cross!
He who does not love does not know God, because GOD IS LOVE. (John 4:8)
And whoever does not have love and does not strive for love does not have God in himself, he is the enemy of God and will answer on the Day of Judgment for resisting God and will be punished like satan and his angels.
In the Qur’an the word LOVE is mentioned 9 times,
There are over 700 times in the Bible!!!
Think about it, dear Muslims, this is your soul and the Salvation of your soul is 100% up to you, because God has already provided us with the solution of this issue in Jesus Christ,
– He is the Truth of God, and Eternal Life, this is what He said, and He also said:
— «I am the Way, no one will come to the Father except through Me!»
The choice is yours, dear ones, - to follow the most obvious immoral and crazy false prophet of all times and nation
or follow the most Righteous and Holy Way to God the Father, which is Jesus Christ - the Son of the Living God, Resurrected and Alive and confirmed His Words with Great Signs and Incredible Miracles.
The One, Who is knocking on the door of your heart right now, because He does not want anyone to died, but to live in His presence forever.
Because He loves you!

you do very smart and valuable content I want to understand all things what you say but english it is not my parental language and I understand less then half. if you switch on subtitles and option of translation of this subtitles, it will be cool and I think more people in other countries get your interesting messages.
Do it please and Bless you God, nice job.

Sounds like Muhammad was a nymphomaniac.

DW, I feel very proud of you in your program sharing the truth & enlightenment to the muslim’s world. I believe numerous muslims are watching & learning from your program and will continue to guide their concience to wake up & accept the lies and deceit about the teachings of their islamic religion.

  I believe our God will continue to bless you abundantly, the same with the family, and co-workers.
    May the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit provide you more strength, wisdom, and courage in facing the difficult challenges you face daily in your highly educational program. 
I believe the Holy Spirit and the holy angels of our God continues to minister and protects you and family in whatever you do and wherever you go. 
   Praise & glory to our God for your exemplified courageous work and in your commitment to shed light while in this dark world. 
    Praying & I salute you, DW!

GOD Bless Him and All who Prayed for Him! Hopefully he lived and came to the truth or does in the future!

He wants to meet his prophet real bad.

Mohammad didn’t try to kill himself’

:heavy_heart_exclamation:One Punch Man!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Moha.Mad 's life is worst than Japanese AV😁

Having sex with all 9 wives in a single night wow what a champ he must have been exhausted after

God bless you David Wood …:sparkling_heart: from Pakistan

Love u David Wood!!!. 1 million x 1 million kisses hurling thru space…coming at u…love coming back to u…from ur love.going out on the tube…to millions x millions…: )

Actually I think this is the usual literal claim they wish to see
Like literally and word for word
The same they want to know where did Jesus say literally: “I am God worship me”

LORD JESUS IS ETERNAL And ALMIGHTY GOD :heart: ADONAI :heart: in Flesh (Isaiah 9 : 6-7) and (Micah 5 : 2) ! Psalms 110 : 1 and Matthew 22 : 42-45 = Trinity ! WORD OF GOD (JESUS) IS ALWAYS WITH GOD And WORD OF GOD (JESUS) IS ALMIGHTY GOD :heart: ADONAI :heart: In Flesh (John 1 : 1-4) and (John 1 : 14) ! LORD JESUS WIN ON CROSS FOR US :pray: (Isaiah 53) ! You must be Born Again with Holy Spirit :hugs: .

U t awesome

See Muslim…the most gracious, most merciful (David) did not need your neck or blood…just a few minutes of your attention. See you in church.

is he slit his throat alrady? lol

You tell him not to commit suicide, but you’re showing him that he shouldn’t believe in Islam, which is suicide by zealots. Talk about mixed signals.