Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus is the central miracle of history and the heart of the Christian Gospel. But are there good reasons to believe that Jesus rose from the dead? In this episode of “The Third Degree,” Reverend Sule Prince and Dr. Tony Costa discuss the evidence.

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It is the ACT of eating .
What is it they eat and drink ?
Flesh and blood .
Of whom do they eat and drink ?
Human .
To define communion is to define cannibalism…

Humans eating humans .

Judas sold Jesus as a slave to catholic cannibals .
Pontus beat the confession out of the man wearing Jesus robes …
He told us where the cannibals encampment was located .
We arrived to see lots of humans on crosses … humans carving and bleeding humans to eat .

We kidnapped a cannibal for information.
He spilled his guts …
Confession…from a cannibals…

From the stoning to eating , is the recipe to serve man as food .

I am the only human who tried to save Jesus , while the world asks Jesus to save them .
I tracked Jesus .
I found Jesus .
Only his remains .
Catholics ate him . Cannibals ate Jesus .
Catholic cannibals .

As you see , I was too late to stop communion, as the cannibals call it .
Eating of humans .

Scholars don’t agree Jesus had a burial

The problem here is that all evidence is from the Bible narrative which was not written by eyewitness but after the legends had grown up - they can not be treated as evidence

Biblical, Extra-Biblical and Archaeological Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection:

  1. Main Source: Bible
  2. In the Writings of Flavius ​​Josephus, he mentions the Resurrection. Do not believe?
  3. The Nazareth Inscription is another proof of the Resurrection. She is from the second half of the First Century (Century in which Jesus lived), and talks about opening Tombs, and was found where Jesus lived. Perhaps because Christians were witnessing the resurrection; like Paul did where everywhere he went.
  4. The Empty Tomb
  5. Conversion of Paul (He did not know Christ, but Jesus appeared to him, and he was converted)
  6. The Unknown God (Areopagus of Athens, where Paul preached) Testimony of Women (the female testimony, no it was valid at the time, but they were the first to witness the resurrection)
  7. The Gospels, the Letters, and the Pauline Epistles are a little different about the Resurrection. John, says that Mary Magdalene was the first witness. Paul says it was Peter, and then a crowd but no women.
  8. People in the middle of the First Century, claimed to have seen Jesus alive after the crucifixion. Some theories even claim to have seen Jesus in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD
  9. Jesus’ Resurrection was a prophecy of centuries before (Psalms 16:10, Hosea 6: 1-2 and Jonah 2: 1)
  10. The Greatest Test of Jesus’ Resurrection is that God raised Him. Therefore, Jesus’ Resurrection is a historical fact with ‘irrefutable’ evidence.

A fallible Human being wrote half of the New Testament and Christians claim it’s the word of God read common sense by Thomas Paine

Wait… the man on the right said that the first four events marked the start of Christianity. But then he said that Tarsus killed Christians? How were they Christians if Christianity hadnt started yet?

Simple and to the point: thanks for this!

Why do people in the West say “Easter”? Easter (Ishtar) is name of Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. You perverted not only the teaching of the Church, but even the name of the main Christian feast.
Original name for this feast is Paskha (Passover), and the Orthodox Church celebrate Paskha, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but not the day of fertility and sex.

According to Matthew 27:61-62, there was a “day”, or at least a few hours’ worth of time between when Joseph of Arimathea left the tomb, and when the guards arrived, along with the admission that two Christian woman were watching and thus knew the specific location of the tomb Jesus was buried in. If you didn’t have a vested interest in promoting the resurrection of Jesus, you’d view this fact the way a prosecutor would in a criminal trial with similar facts…the disciples had means, motive and opportunity to steal the body, and that’s sufficient to make a “circumstantial” case in court.

When this is combined with Matthew’s willingness to mix history and fiction together in ways that deceive most readers about what happened on Easter morning (i.e., Mike Licona correctly labels the zombie resurrection in 27:52 as apocalyptic imagery, which counts as falsehood), and if you combine it with the fact that the lie the guards promised to tell (disciples stole the body while we were sleeping) is absurdly improbable, its clear that a naturalistic explanation for the empty tomb can be equally as reasonable, if not more reasonable than your “god did it” explanation.

Combine this with the fact that most conservative Christian scholars admit to Markan priority, the Two-Source hypothesis and the fraudulent nature of Mark 16:9-20, and we end up having the earliest form of the gospel saying exactly nothing about a risen Jesus actually being seen by anyone…and this gospel’s patristic connection to apostle Peter causes it’s first-hand silence about resurrection eyewitnesses to have more probative significance than the questionable “creed” of 1st Corinthians, coming to you second-hand from an absurd mystic who couldn’t tell whether his trips flying into the sky took place physically or spiritually (2nd Cor. 12:1-4).

The naturalistic theory that says the resurrection of Jesus is nothing but legendary embellishment, doesn’t need to be infallible, nor does it need to knock the supernatural hypothesis all the way out of the ballpark, before it will make the skeptic rationally and reasonably justified. We can and actually do refute the resurrection of Jesus ON THE MERITS, and no rule of historiography requires us to show the absolute impossibility of your own thesis before we can be reasonable to adopt the naturalistic thesis.

Were any of your Christian theologians there at Jesus rising? NO! You have a claim of a physical event and no physical evidence. A fallacy.

All you have is the writings of Paul, who says all his knowledge of Jesus came from divine revelation and the gospels. Matthew, Luke and John are based on the oldest gospel Mark and Mark was not an eye witness, not a jew and was writing long after the events in the style of classic greek fiction. This means that your evidence of the story of Jesus comes from one mans hallucinations and another’s work of fiction. Not exactly any historical value there.

Lord Jesus :heart_eyes:

So no non-Biblical historical evidence then…


Too bad there is not an authority to report Lies by Omission of Material Fact.

Fact: The Gospels are anonymous.
Fact: The Book of Acts is Anonymous
Fact: 6 of the 13 letters of Paul are Anonymous.
Fact: #8 on the top 10 careers of a psychopath is Clergy.

Fact: It takes the earth 365 days to make a 360 degree trip around the sun. We have 2 events, Solstices, when the sun does not move, and the ancients measured the sun move 1 degree every day the sun moved, the exception is the 2 solstices.

Given that the information above, how many days is the Sun dead for at the Winter Solstice, and then resurrects?

(365-360) / 2 = 2.5

Thus, during the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21st at 6 a.m. the Sun will be near the constellation of Ophiuchus, which my planisphere labels “coffin” at this time the Sun will be dead for 2.5 days and resurrect on the 3rd day.

The exact date is 12-21-2012, which is a Friday. During this time Venus and Virgo will be witnesses to the empty tomb. (mic drop) Boom!!!

Honest question: the 500 witnesses is strong evidence, but how do we know it is true? Are there other historical documents that can attest to this? If we are to believe only one document attests to this how can this be persuasive?

Jesus and hundreds of others. Ressurection was nothing special at that time period and was well documented. Happened pretty regularly. Are we to worship all these individuals as Gods now?