History Supports Paul’s View of Jesus, Not Muhammad’s View (PvM 10)

Historians have a variety of tools that can help us learn about historical figures. Since Paul and Muhammad both made claims about Jesus, the tools of the historian can help us decide whom to trust. (Hint: Muhammad loses.)

This video is the tenth comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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For a deep theological problem associated with Muhammad’s claim that Jesus was never crucified, be sure to watch “What Islam Really Teaches about Allah and Jesus”: - YouTube

3:05 almost sounds like you broke out laughing your voice cracked a little, which well we all should laugh at such nonsense, it would be a total joke is Muslims did not take it so seriously.

Glory to God.
Jesus is Lord God.
Allah is Satan and Mohammad is his messenger

I am an American Christian and my Arabic is pretty good. I lived 3 years with Arabs in The Middle East, two things always seemed pretty obvious to me after I read the Quran and compared it to The New Testament and the historical record.

  1. Nisa’ 4:157- Jewish Talmud’s, Turtellian, Rabbinical records show the earliest records that The Disciples stole the body from the tomb. If that is the case what happened to the body of the person who was actually crucified in Jesus place. And when the Jewish riots broke out in Rome and Claudius expelled them from the city why didn’t he contact the Jewish leaders and ask them to produce a body, even a crucified skeleton to calm these rumors. I had one Muslim say the disciples did steal the body but then Jesus appeared to them after as well. Now that explanation is so strange I can’t break it down in this post, I will just allow your imaginations to work it out all the problems that presents.

  2. Miriam 19:33 in Arabic 'Wa assalamu 3ala yawm wulidtu wa yawm amut wa yawm uba3ithu hayyaa.
    Translation of Jesus speaking here: Blessed be the day that I was born, the day I will die, and the day I will rise back to life.

I asked several folks for their explanation as Muslims of this verse and it wasn’t really explained clearly, I am not sure most of them had ever read it or thought about it. I also think the arguments are often times based in semantics and not true theology or epistemology so that when they encounter a Arab speaking foreigner who is not Muslim they have no real answer for these questions.

My muslim friends, we love you but i think its time that you admit that there is something wrong with islam. I think you know it deep down and i think thats why you always flipp out when your religion is challanged. I dont mean to offend you but the truth has to be said. Jesus is THE Way THE Truth and THE Life. I think many of you know it deep down. I think its time to set your pride aside and be honest, something is wrong with islam. Jesus warned us that false prophets will come and preach another gospel. 600 years later muhammad comes and preach another gospel. Doesnt this concern you? Look at Jesus life, what He did, what He said. Perfect and without sin. Look at His death, His last words. Jesus is Lord, He is our Savior. The King of kings. To all of us. Now look at muhammeds life. What he did and said. Completely rotten and full of sin. Look at his death and his last words. People i dont mean to offend you but you gotta wake up. satan is fooling you not us. And i dont say that with pride but thats how it is. Please call uppon Jesus before its to late. Ask Him to touch your heart. We love you in Jesus mighty name.

“The Islamic Jesus is a kind of frankenstein monster pieced together from 7th century Arabian fables filtered through Muhammad’s 7th century Arabian theology, a theology that’s only one step removed from its Pagan roots” :ok_hand:

Great series. What about Reza Aslan. Is he not a Muslim historian of Jesus (ok a very biased one)?

Coming from a prophet riding unicorns… yep…

Wowwww. Excellent explanation. I’m speechless !!! Thank you David . I honestly admire your work !

Paul’s view is supported by history. The view muhammad promoted is anti-historical, or we might say it’s a fable. Don’t believe fables. Come to the truth. Trust Paul’s teaching, not muhammad’s lies.

Good series… Thanks for this bro.Wood

Long live Muhammad - forever and ever! :skull: In Hell!! :skull:

Hebrews 5:7 During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.
He was heard by God, which means his prayers was answered by God, SO did he really die in cross or not?

Peace be upon all my brothers and sisters .
Do I have to go to the church if want to be a Christian?
Because I’ve been practicing my religion alone .
I’ve been praying alone .

Idk, but so far as I heard about. “Mohammed” he sounds like someone that wicked one, used, not YAHWEH

Having lived and worked in the Middle East, I am very much aware of the oppressive, misogynistic and intolerant nature of Islam. It is for this reason that I fear for the future of my country (UK) and the rest of Europe following the overwhelming influx of Muslims in recent years under the guise of “refugees” It is probably too late for us but let this be a warning to the rest of the world.

Even Mohammed loves bacon. That’s why HAM is right there in his name.

Merry Christmas and happy new year my dear friends

This is by far the most important video in this series although the others are also important, so glad to know that you are doing this series on Paul and Mmd, David. This video demolishes and rubbishes the reliability of Mmd’s claims about Jesus’ life which is why I love it so much. It is utterly nonsensical that some Muslims are so deluded and brainwashed that they try to diminish the worth of all the facts placed before them to what their false prophet said, only a fool would willfully choose to close his eyes to the facts.