Hollywood Condemns Muhammad

Nearly 200 entertainers (including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others) have signed a statement condemning the seventh article of the charter of Hamas as an “ideology of hatred and genocide.” The problem is that the quotation in article seven was taken directly from Muhammad himself. Hence, all of these entertainers have condemned Muhammad, Islam, and the Quran.

So nice message brother

Absolutely spot on. This same case is seen in Bollywood too !

Ziggy Marley now there’s a good singer he can’t dance though he’s married to a an Israeli girl ziggy calls on the name of Jehovah YHVH

Humanity condemns Muhammad & his stupid Islamic teachings😊


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Driftwood and the Beachnuts ; playing at the Hollywood killzone" TONIGHT @ 11:59 pm.

Bill Maher knows about Islam.

You have opened our eyes and the knowledge you are imparting is really wonderful.

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Amy Farrah Fowler Mayim Bialim is a Jew?

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give a solution of how to make this world Muslim free.