Holy Moley! The Seal of Prophethood (Anthony Rogers)

Muhammad is commonly called the “Seal of the Prophets.” Interestingly, Muslim sources tell us that Muhammad had a physical seal of prophethood on his body, which supposedly confirmed him as a messenger of Allah. The “seal of prophethood” was a large, hairy mole. Anthony Rogers discusses the issue.

Suposedly Kim Il Sung had a similar Protrusion.

The skid marks in the prophets undeis is also a sign from Allah dip your bread in and taste the wonders of your prophet.

I have a red birthmark on my hand bruh

All these books yet he speaks like this , damn

You Anthony are an evil man. You can’t even converse with us the Muslims as students of Comparative Religeon. So many Christians failed to converse with US and scurry away from the truth of Prophet Muhammad as the last and FINAL messenger.

Omg imperfection and body is now seal

What a pathetic religion. Adoring this pervert.

Sounds more like a walrus than a seal

I simply cannot imagine the amount of research that goes into Anthony’s videos - every one of them is a revelation!

Molehammad :smile:

What a disgusting seal!!

It sounds like a Hemangioma instead of a mole/wart/nevus.

Anyone see “Friday after Next”???
When Craig and his cousin get a job as security guards they meet this Arab how owns a shop, the name of his shop is, Holy moly donut shop.:grin:

think there’s a connection there???:wink:

I have a Holy Seal ( a real one) HOLY SEAL >> 3. Artistic Diagram by Suzelle - YouTube - part of a 50min PRESENTATION Suzelle is creating Visual Learning/Educational Content | Patreon

I think the sign was a 666 tattoo and they changed it to a mole. Cause they know. Yes they know

Can any other religion be any more bizarre!!! In the ‘dark ages’ people who experienced epileptic seizures where thought to be possessed by the divine spirit of God. I guess, their seizures trumps Mohammed mole any day. Today, medical science understands what epilepsy is. Unfortunately, Muslims haven’t figured out what moles are; they are a little slow. Perhaps they need to watch Austin Powers…

If he had skin tags too, they would have probably bow down, and sacraficed there babies to him!

Moses, Elijah and Jesus are myths. They NEVER existed. So this clowns argument that Muhammad is not a Prophet because he didn’t do “miracles” like them is completely counterfeit. Muhammad (unlike those others) is a real person who actually lived.

Hi David I am from India can you dubbed some of your videos in hindi…I wanted to show all of my Muslim friends