Honest Muslim Explains Sharia Blasphemy Laws

Yesterday, I asked Mansur Maliki two questions about the penalty for blasphemy in Islam. Let’s go through his response.

Mansur shared a link to a section of Qadi Iyad’s Ash-Shifa titled “The Proof of the Necessity of Killing Anyone Who Curses the Prophet or Finds Fault with Him.” Here’s the link: al-Shifa Part Four Chapter One Section Two

#DavidWood #Blasphemy #Sharia

This father killer, David Wood, must be killed according to the Bible: Exodus 21:15
“Anyone who attacks their father or mother is to be put to death."

Islamic blasphemy law is being misused against minorities and it’s a crime against humanity

Mansour the gentlemen who wants women and children enslaved but call others people “vile”

The largest Islamic school: Hanafi says that repentance is accepted. Confirmed by Sahih Al Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Jam e Tirmidhi, Sunan Abu Dawd, and Sunan Ibn e Majah.
However repentence refers to accepting Islam here

A tiny man, living on a tiny street, in a tiny town, in a tiny country, on a tiny planet in a tiny galaxy stands up to fight for God, to protect God Almighty’s Honor by killing another person who just have a different faith. Trying to protect The Almighty who created this whole Universe.

To call islam a religion of peace is delusional. Jainism is a religion of peace–the crazier you get as a Jain, the less we have to worry about you. Jain extremists are paralyzed by their pacifism. The problem therefore is not religious extremism if your core beliefs are truly non-violent. The problem is not fundamentalism. The problem with islamic fundamentalism are the fundamentals of islam.

This is why Serbia did nothing wrong

Alhamdulillah, I’m well taught to be respect to people with different religion. I’m believe in my beautiful islam, not by action by human. May the greatest Allah s.w.t bless all of you :heart:

Us Buddhist have very valid objection to Islam we are ignored but if looked at one cannot morally destroy us Islamic debaters are destroyed in morality debates by Buddhism and Buddha vs Muhammad (pbuh) well I’m sure we know the clear difference in the real morality versus fake immoral mentality disguised as morality

Is God really weak according to IZlam?? By just defaming the creator? in reality God never hate anyone even who hate him/her
Because God know what you gonna say and what You have said
LOL IZlam is very weak

The most hated religion in the world no doubt!
Including me! Still going by the law of 7th century desert lifestyle and thoughts duh!

The Truth

it is impossible blaspheming against the satanic qurran the devil hahaalah and the serial killer more.ham.mad.

Our God is an awesome God. Praise Jesus and spread the good news of his mercy and love!

How many times must we say Islam is the religion of Satan, of violence, sex, discrimination of women and the cancer of the world ? That sex pervert Mohamed with 9 wives and who had sex with hundreds or thousands, was nothing more than a caravan robber !
The day Islam is destroyed in the ‘akhir-u-zaman’ (end times) by our Lord Jesus Christ will be the day peace dwells on earth.

Since when did any country in the west have 'Blasphemy laws":question:

This man can say (I will kill you) but in a purely academic way.
How isn’t that considered a death threat?

Islam should ban from America and Europe.

Of course insults to their ego is worse than what they have no problem doing everyday (heinous acts). Heinous acts is not only something they get off to but is like a simple chore them… It is nothing to them to behave in this way.