How a French Atheist Became a Christian Theologian: The Testimony of Guillaume Bignon

Born and raised in France, Guillaume Bignon was happy and successful as an atheist. So why is he now a Christian theologian? Find out how God changed him as he shares his testimony with Christian philosopher David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics).

For more by Guillaume Bignon:

For Guillaume’s book defending Calvinism (“Excusing Sinners and Blaming God: A Calvinist Assessment of Determinism, Moral Responsibility, and Divine Involvement in Evil”), click here:

For Guillaume’s testimony book in French (“La Foi a ses raisons: Confessions d’un athée surpris par Dieu”), click here:

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I just love genuine atheists. There is hope for them.

this guy was a egocentric narcisstic person who probably has recognized what he has done and some real empathetic feelings were send from above to his soul to change his complete inner system. so maybe

  1. he was enlightened or
  2. he wants to continue his journey fooling people and has put a mask on. :thinking: i think the second!

Calvinism, more like lucifereology…

Jesus is a homosexual

Liars never admit you are right except when you are wrong. Humanity listen to object and never no matter what admit the truth, to give credit when credit is due honestyly. Sacrifice is required to self-fulfill the valley of tears religious prophecy. Sacrifice is to give up happiness, to do what you don’t like to do for nothing, without reward, deteriorating life stupidly. What is get out of praying five times a day, fasting and other rituals? Does anyone like to do it? Does it make anyone happy? Fear of punishment is the motivation behind religious sacrifice. Happiness is sacrificed in the present in order to not be unhappy suffering punishment in the future. If non believers were to go to heaven if they are good people why would believers have to make sacrifices in order to go to heaven? Therefore hell must await non believers. Religion is ideated to make believers unhappy sacrificing themselves out of fear of punishment for the promise of eternal life. Do you want to end human suffering? I am a recovering addict and psychiatry survivor. I have discovered the cure to addiction. Addiction is the tormented psychology of a liar, only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom. The tragedy of addiction is children who revenge a childhood hurt or trauma against their parents learning from example. I think therefore i exist, therefore i was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed, therefore an impossibility possible, a miracle, an uncaused cause, God exist. Life and death always existed and science cannot explain the origin because defies reason. God is eternal and mortal, perfect justice, ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die. I find my argumentation solid but gullible humanity that swallow the addiction is a brain disease lie without questioning have incredible difficulties and objections to accept the obvious truth. Still no parent of addict has said ‘thank you’ to me for discovering the cure to addiction, what confirms my theory that addiction comes from bad households, ungrateful and unforgiving. I don’t have a voice in any news media in the world.

I am formerly a Muslim and after that now I am a Christian from Turkey. Thanks to your effort Mr. David Wood. I fully understand what he is living. Because I have No life before I accepted Jesus Christ is my savior and my lord. Now I have a new life. Soon as possible I will bapthized. I really want it. Thaks.

Beautiful testimony… thank you for sharing

Wow! Powerful testimony!!!

zooms in on the ring!

May your testimony be a light for many souls in their search for the Truth in Jesus :pray:t2::orange_heart:

Gloire à Dieu!!!

WOW! That is how The Lord got me too! l ‘‘believed the Bible to be true’’ …but had NO guilt for what l had done, or what l was still doing, and some of the stuff was HORRIBLE! One day while l was mowing my lawn …it felt like the mower SLAMMED into a wall …and my conscience was gutted! l started to sweat, and felt the sheer terror of hell awaiting. l repented …and started going to church, and reading The Word. Needless to say …l am SO GLAD that Jesus came for me :smiley:


I enjoyed listening to this

All glory to the son of God almighty Jesus Christ

Bruh Atheist way is a True way, all religions are FAKE and made by our grandfathers thousands years ago in History

Merci Guillaume pour votre témoignage si encourageant! Que Dieu vous bénisse ainsi que votre belle famille.

What an amazing testimony!

This father killer, David Wood, must be killed according to the Bible: Exodus 21:15
“Anyone who attacks their father or mother is to be put to death."

Sooo - becoming christian by self-induced brainwashing. Nothing new to see here. Unfortunately a good scientist has been lost to the world by this.