How Bad Is the Taliban?

How bad is the Taliban? Graphic video footage shows Afghan men clinging to the side of a U.S. Air Force jet to escape the Taliban. David Wood discusses the issue.

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For the Apostate Prophet’s take on Afghanistan, check out his video “The Taliban’s Conquest of Afghanistan”: The Taliban's Conquest of Afghanistan - YouTube


In my eyes they are not a second better then germany under ww2

Blame Taliban not us shit asd

The Taliban, also the ones that shot a little girl in the face for the crime of getting an education

The fact ,a loser with a muslim debator, will always and never stop ur deception to all non muslim. Islam will always stay cool and vigilante always.Muslim will never do that to others.They will always find fault with Islam.ALWAYS.

David, I’m challenging you and every one here to give me a part or aya from the Quran that says that a Muslim should do what talibans are doing.

Just to say the truth, taliban doesn’t represent Islam in anyway, They don’t follow the Islamic law, before replying just read the Islamic law from the Quran and talk then. Don’t watch random videos on YouTube and random articles, read it by yourself. If you think that there is a part of the Quran’s law that is not fair paste it here and challenge me. Just brig me a part (aya) and it will be answered.

The Afghani (possibly Hazaras Afghani) plane clingers response to the left wing islamist loving journalist 3:38 - 4:07 : > :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::confused::confused::confused:.

This man’s situation is same as India.
Clearly taliban in power have caused nightmares to them.

When so many people was happy in afgh

Why would a plane take off while there is civilians?
Because they also don’t care about

dont make videos that how bad is the taliban just make videos about how bad is u​:laughing::rofl::rofl::rofl::sunglasses:

GOD please have mercy. Afghanistan really needs JESUS. Praying for these Muslim friends to come to salvation.

Why didn’t the jet-clingers use the weapons we gave them to fight the Taliban?

From a source in Afghanistan, a man had a Christian app on his phone. The Taliban ripped his eyes out skinned him alive, then hung him up so everyone could see.

If anyone thinks I am any sort of negative IST because I will always be anti Taliban, I welcome them to live there even in a max security safe house for a while to see if they have a change of hart in the matter. People that have never left their comfort zone have a sort of ignorance that should invalidate the insult. Bringing a ton of Afghans over that were vetted by the same folks who vetted the fallen Government officials that likely helped the Taliban are valid concerns especially after showing the world international terrorism can be automatically pardoned if you become part of a recognised government.If only Timpthy, Bin or those kids from Columbine got that memo.

Clear and profound. Keep the videos coming! They are well thought out presentations, as openers to American eyes, and ears. Bless you, and be in good health.

The Taliban is Talibad