How Big Tech Became Big Brother

Whilst I am not a Christian and am not interested, being perfectly happy and spiritually satisfied practicing Sanatana Dharma ( Hinduidm ) , I love your videos about Islam ( Mohammedanism) and other topics such as this video. I have noticed that the few times I criticised mohammedanism, I was issued a warning that I broke the community rules. Yet my post was articulate, logical, and factual. There was not hatred or violence in it . Yet I see plenty of posts by Mohammedans, full of prejudice, hatred and threats, and these are not banned… so it seems that the Mohammedans have found a way to manipulate the platforms … what are your thoughts on that? Best regards from Switzerland.

Start Migrating next to Trump’s Truth Media!

David, you should check out James Poulos. He testified about algorithmic harm for the Senate, and describes about how the Cyborg Theocracy is Zuck types trying to become our new gods.


You just summed up my bf in a few words :blush:

2 times now when I wrote comment in youtube it suddenly comes with my own name.

Excellent video! I like your analogy of how the big tech bends the rules or simply lies.

You didn’t mention the algorithms. I only found you because a friend told me about you. Good luck searching here on YT or GG

0:00 - 0:13 They have been, are, and will be none of the above.

The sooner Republicans get into power, grow a pair and break up these Socialist media companies the better off we will all be

Evil is manifested when we become the self-referencing point of absolutes.

I was watching this video and about three minutes in, it automatically redirected me to the last video I had watched before this. I had to go to my history to find it again.

I was not sure if YouTube was deleting other peoples comments, until they deleted mine. Now I’m sure they do delete what they don’t like.

YouTube = ☭ 100%

David how is it that you are able to get away with insulting Islam like you do, without getting hurt? its amazing.

YOUTUBE: make sure no one see this

But I don’t get much stuff recommended from YouTube
So I everyday have to search myself :laughing:
I think YouTube doesn’t want me to stay​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

“No nudity” Great analogy, Dr. Wood.

Second video i watched after the JP destroys islam vid, you`re great! Good humor! Liked and subscribed!

Hitler, Stalin !!!

What I can’t understand is how the ‘fact checkers’ and workers in Silicone Valley can sell their souls to enable this deception.