How Can God Die? (Answering Islam Part 18)

Christians believe that Jesus is God, and Christians believe that Jesus died. So Christians believe that God died. But God is eternal, and unchanging, and all-powerful. What sense does it make to say that God died? Since this is a common Muslim objection, let’s answer it.

This is the eighteenth video of our “Answering Islam” series, where David Wood answers the question: “How can God die?”

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No man is as pure as Jesus and the word of God became flesh that is Jesus one should sacrifice to wash human sin so Jesus shed his blood

what a funny things you say God enter the fire?? wkwkw what a joke, have you heard a device called smartphone? did you enter the smartphone to tell your friend so far away? about the words of God Allah is eternal means the law the Gods create Sunnahtullah how this world story anda gona end etc will be forever come to fufiil. You are making mistaking because your teaching about words become human flesh is God…really? no Muslim think Words of God {Firman} in Al -Quran is god its just a word of god and we don’t worship teh Al Quran…Dr Shabir Ally Have said this to you before…reallly are you thinking enough? or you are maybe a Dajjal servant so you have gone astray so far away and blinded from the truth

I feel that modern day democrats have used the argument examples given by Muslims in how they define and answer questions

Md. Plagiarised that the Bible god is the same god… derivatives of the Old Testament and The Jesus , after 600 years …science from Aristotle to Phythagorus 570 BC … ancient Greek and Egyptian Astrology and Cosmology and even medcine…he did this during central European trade with Arabs, wat astonishes us is the fact he has incest of porn…sadism to extent of inhumane cruelty…he followed devil…:joy::joy:

This argument only sounds smart to stupid people :man_facepalming:t5:

There are maný False and Weird teachings in christianity,Judaism,Islám and Buddhism.

UR suit can be burn doesn’t mean u too can be burn
Quran can be burn but Allah is the creator of the, Quran cannot be burn… Jesus is a messenger of God he’s human n can die… If Jesus is God of cos he can’t die…
Jesus a son of a man dies not God
Frankly I’m asking myself who did the people before Jesus prayed to?
Is jesus catholic?
Accept Jesus n u will be saved.
But wat abt the people the messengers of God before Jesus born… Will they be burn in hell bcos they dnt know jesus n that he wasn’t born yet? How to accept wen the saviour wasn’t born yet?
Its the reason why Jesus will come in his 2nd coming after God asking Jesus did u taught ur followers that ur a God n to worship u? n of cos Jesus will said NO n he will face n tell his followers that he’s not God n why worship him?
N of cos killing the antichrist or the Dajjal Muslim call it is one of his other task that he needs to accomplished before he dies n there are a few more Jesus needs to do too.
God’s grace n blessings be upon you and your family always my brothers n sisters. May God guidance be with u… Amen!!!

:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: when is your act at the comedy improv?

Where in the Quran you that verse about that God speak from the fire

Christians: Jesus, you are our God.
JESUS: The only true God is my father who sent me(John 17:3)
Christians: BUT you are God because you can do everything
JESUS: I by myself can do nothing (John 5:30)
Christians: We still insist you are GOD.

See Dr Shabbir answer for this claim. Try to refute that. Or else can try to destroy the entire Qur’an in the world…I bet you cant

Can God die?
Who killed him?
When he died, who controlled the earth?
How can you believe in doctrine that does not make sense?
This in itself contradicts the doctrine of your Bible, God is alpha and omega.
You are confused like the people who corrupted your bible.

God died on the cross…ha ha a ridiculous Christian belief.
Jesus was caught up to heaven,he was not arrested or crucified at all,

Heyy Still now you are tryingNOTE HERE:You are trying to explain who is God…:pinched_fingers:…GOD IS GOD-There is no god but GOD…Even a normal can Know That Is beyond than human​:fist::point_up:

I and ever single muslim believe that The one who grants all his creation forgiveness in demand of just one deep regret of their sins in their heart is the one true God the All forgiving and specially merciful… That is Allah the one true God…

Why is this so complicated?? …

You need to meet the hafizs of quran in all parts of the world to understand the eternity of quran. They would recite word for word pages to pages of the Holy Quran from memory. Visit a masjid during Ramadan and listen to hafiz reciting the quran from memory. The teraweeh prayers would demonstrate and give you a pure example of how the words of Allah is preserved by man. Imagine how many hafiz are in world today!

If I believed in Greek Gods such as hercules (astagfirullah) then I would believe in the Bible version of Jesus.

The true TRINITY: