How Can Jesus Have a God?

Christians claim that Jesus is God. Yet Jesus prayed to God (John 17) and claimed to have a God (John 20:17). How can Christians maintain that Jesus is God and that he has a God? Find out as Sam Shamoun, C.L. Edwards, and David Wood discuss the issue.

The Catholic “Jesus (God-man)” is the unbiblical Jesus.
Catholics believe that Jesus prayed to himself and worshipped himself and resurrected himself without help others

Biblical Unitarians don’t call Jesus a liar like these guys do. Listen to Jesus not these clowns. The messiah was to have the fear of God; Isaiah 11:3-4.

Great vid! Love the answers but Mary doesn’t receive any worship from me, she still needed a redeemer/Savior plus if she did she should’ve been worthy enough to at least break the seal, if not read it.

“Jesus still flesh in heaven”??? Your an idiot!
All those references were about Jesus acomplishing all this because He became a man.
He came as a man to replace Adam and correct all that had gone wrong, then took the value of His sacrifice to His Father and became the first ofd a new creation as other chosen kings and priests with Him.

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god from a womb?

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I love you brothers in Christ. You just help me be enlightened of this verse. May God use you more mightily. Keep defending the gospel! Keep preaching! God bless.



God bless you for this. It is wonderful You get so excited you start yelling. Very excited. Very exciting.

I absolutely love what youve said in 13min :slight_smile:

Wonderful video well explained

Been binging your videos, but I really didn’t like the format in this one, David and the other pretending to be Muslims, but making on case for themselves, Islam has rebuttals for most of these things, which we have counter rebuttals for. The way Sam is talking, apparently he is one of those people who believes the louder and more dramatically you shout it, the more right you are, and the way he kept saying “Have to be quick don’t have much time, only have am minute” wasting time talking about not having time, and talking for far more than a minute, say what you mean, just a pet peeve of mine that was set off.