How ISIS Radicalizes Young Muslims

Click here for sources: Answering Muslims: ISIS and the Radicalization of Young Muslims
Politicians, the media, and many Muslim organizations report that ISIS (the Islamic State) is violating the commands of Allah and Muhammad. Yet many Muslims from various countries are traveling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and wage jihad. Why are so many young Muslims convinced that Islam commands them to fight non-Muslims and hypocrites? In this lecture, David Wood explains how young Muslims can be radicalized by ISIS recruiters.

I would outlaw the Quran, all the teachings of Moshammed and the whole Islam, if it were in my power. Thank you for presentation!

Islam is surrealistically absurd. So absolutely absurd and obviously false that it makes me believe in God. Very weird. So, thank God for Islam.

David, what would you say, though, to muslims who might claim that the Haddiths are not the eternal word of Allah? That maybe they aren’t representing faithfully Muhammad. I’m just doing the devil’s advocate here; I haven’t actually heard that, but I’m wondering.

David love your work absolutely fabulous teaching of Islam I can’t stop laughing you are so funny I know you be trying to be seriously trying to teach but some of the stuff in the Quran and hadith are hilarious

By offer 72 Virgins, duh

Can u make a shorter version? I would love to see it and also maybe more will come to know the truth

47:29 That’s EXACTLY what ISIS does to gullible Muslims

Even with all the info out their many american girls are converting in huge numbers to islam

I’m sorry I didn’t find this video sooner. David, you do an incredible job of making Islam understandable. I know it takes a lot of work, and that you’ve taken a lot of grief and threats for doing so. Please keep up the great work, it’s vital.

Policy makers must watch this.

Thank you so much!

With this video was audible :frowning:

If you can’t improve the sound,please redo this important video or add subtitles

Islam + mental illness = Radical Islam

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Oh you group of people paid to hate Islam! Just wait till the day you are destroyed for all the mischief you caused. There is no wonder that Islam has over 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) followers. Unless you repent, believe, and work righteous deeds.
Fact: Charity is obligatory in Islam.

Great presentation! thanks David.

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lol I was told by female muslim that the Quran can’t be interpret in English only Arabic lol. lol we’re all texting the whole QURAN out off context lol.