How Islam Can Prevent Sexual Abuse Scandals (Thanks, Qasim Rashid!)

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The Independent recently published an article titled, “How the Teachings of Islam Could Help Us Prevent More Sexual Abuse Scandals,” by Qasim Rashid. For once, David Wood actually agrees with Qasim Rashid. So, in this video, David presents ten ways Islam can help prevent sexual abuse scandals.

I lost my appetite watching this. My female Islamic friends. Sorry.

Isn’t it funny that in Islam u can beat your wife? Imagine being married to Ronda Roussey

It’s exactly the way u say David.

Thank you for speaking the truth most people ignore.

Mohammad must have never ever thought his convenient ramblings would every be taken seriously, ever written down, memorized and followed unequivocal as a sex franchise for centuries!!! Morons rule…

:laughing::joy::laughing::joy: this one is the most hilarious.

Seeing all these I feel a woman would not be comfortable, actually afraid of a person who says he is a good muslim !

Good job… david… keep it up…

Unlimited supply of sex & wives? Yet the world doesn’t care about this atrocities! This should be condemned and UN must interfere on this horrific treatment on women and children under Islam.

Dr Wood, thanks for your videos
You seem to be quoting from different Islamic literatures; please how can I get a Quran and the other literatures about Islam??
Any help??

David keep going :+1: from india. Save the world from islam!!

funny that alot of people push islam as the religion of peace.

By making sexual assault OK?

Ur eyebrow…

Islamic and Catholic sex scandals. Sex is a dangerous addiction

Thank you for you share your knowledge with everyone else :pray::pray:

Hello David. Full support and total admiration for your work and dedication. Your are an excellent and engaging communicator with the best and clearer arguments to demolish islamic nonsense that I have yet encountered (your philosophical training did pay for itself here). After the praise, some suggestion that you may find useful as a topic for one of your future videos. I am referring to sexual exploitation of young boys in certain areas of Afghanistan. Through my work I’ve come into contact with British army officers that have been deployed in Afghanistan in operations. They have shared with me disturbing reports that is common practice in those areas for some men to help themselves with young boys and male children for sexual gratification. Apparently prostitutes are not available and they wouldn’t touch the girls since the honor of the family or clan is linked to that of their female members. The practice is not universally accepted but condoned by many. I guess it can be argued that Islam while not encouraging it didn’t forbid it either; so it should be OK then. So I would like to encourage you, if you could spare some time to properly research this subject that’s it, to dedicate a video or at least some incisive commentaries and analysis to illuminate yet another but lesser known dark corner of Islam. Although I pray to no God please accept my best wished for you, your family and those around you that help to expose to true face of this evil.

Could you please read chapter An NisA. You’ll know the rights ans status of women in islam. Please, do not spread propaganda.

Let’s be clear here. There’s a difference between marriage and forcible sex. You’re intermingling the two,by using ur venemous hate against islam.