How Many Muslims Have Memorized the Entire Quran? [New Challenge!]

In response to evidence from Islam’s most trusted sources and from a variety of early manuscripts, proving that the Quran has been repeatedly changed since it was delivered by Muhammad, Muslim apologists are now insisting that the Quran has been perfectly preserved through human memory. But how many Muslims have actually memorized the entire Quran? Find out in this new Quran challenge video by David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics)!

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And you are guessing and lieing one after other.

I memorized all quraan

WTF u r saying here
I’m so for non Muslims which they lesten to this sh*t
The quraan is quraan with no any change

There are 5yo who know the entire Quran. We have a term for people who know the entire Quran. They are called Hafiz.

People of all around the world come together in one mosque and read the Quran we have today. The Quran “versions” who were burnt were just because of pronounciation reasons. It was still the same Quran with the same meaning. Sine Uthman and the other followers of islam WELL knew how to pronounce it the right way and which of it is the right Quran they burned the other ones. It’s like there is a original text of the Bible and other tribes rewrite it in their accent. Uthman didn’t want that so he burned it. The Son of law of Muhammed (saw) who was one of the closest people to him said to Uthman that he shouldn’t think he alone made this decision. Rather he and everyone else agrees to do that. For us that seems pretty frustrated to argue like that. You act like your scripture is way better in terms of versions and translations. Stop being foolish.

Bruhh, you really gotta learn arabic before talking… anyways Alhamdulillah my Iman got stronger after watching this video.

How many GB is a human brain?

2.5 million gigabytes

So it is possible to learn a whole book

I have to disagree with you and disagree with your lies. Therefore, I advised everyone to do research by themselves and see the truth about coran!

Before you talk about our religion you must have a good religion to follow without no hypocrisy and killing and Nescafe God 3 in 1
And God is a baby that was in the womb of a women
There are different recitations for the Quran حفص والورش.
Like the American and the British accent
And 40% of Muslims have been memorized the whole Quran and you will not find any difference because you’re ignorant of the Arabic language
And the rest of the Muslims have memorized different chapters in the Quran
I’ve memorized 60 surahs of the Quran
الله اكبر والحمد لله على نعمة العقل من اتباع المسيحيين المنافقين الكاذبين

Go cry and lie to the idiot’s u can’t change anything this We have our hearts with the Koran even if the whole books are burnt or thrown into the ocean, u would never missing :grin::joy:

Read Quran from An-Nisa’ (Arabic: ٱلنساء, An-Nisāʾ; meaning: The Women) is the fourth chapter (sūrah) of the Quran, read Allah saying about Quran:

Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an? If it had been from [any] other than Allah, they would have found within it much contradiction

Is your life goal to fixate your energy on putting down Islam? Get a life.

Okay but where did u get the statement which u claim is from omar RAU if ur claiming that we can’t keep Quran in its original state, how are u sure that the statement is true and not changed like u indicate the Quran has bin.

Guys, guys guys… you quote Hadith. Give the source. They do not exist :joy:

Why dont you ask your questions to a Islamic scholar like Dr Zakir Naik. I bet you cant debate with him but i am sure he will debate you if he get a chance In Shaa Allah.

Jealous fake Christian here Jesus would have put this cartoon looking dude in his place

This is so crinGe your so called proof didn’t spell Qur’an properly get outta here your only playing yourelf.:rofl:

I think you need to research the Arabic language, their dialects, and vowels before you make such claims. The scriptures that were destroyed were because non Arabs were pronouning words incorrectly when Islam spread, due to no vowels which native Arabs did not need.
Arab were known for their memory, vowels were added for correct recitation. The importance of vowels in Arabic is profound. Quran has been preserved within millions of people. The youngest being 3 years old in the Guinness Book of Records. He Has Made it easy for those He Wills including non Arab speakers. Many will testify including myself.

3:43 is it possible to read this somewhere online?

What is your proof that the opposite side is not the one using the 99 1 rule?

millions of people and many childrens memorized Al Qur’an is the truth, in indonesia, there is a little boy who suffered cerebral palsy (his name is naja) since he was born, he memorized whole Qur’an in arabic language and now he already memorized many in indonesian language, and amazingly naja doesn’t know how to read and having difficulty learning the number,but if you ask him in random what verses, surah, or pages of AlQur’an, he can answer and tell you, that is miracle and proof that Al Qur’an is really the words of GOD,nobody can destroy or change even a single word of Al Qur’an…