How Muhammad’s Best Quran Reciter Became an Apostate

Modern Muslim scholars claim that there is only one Quran, and that anyone who doubts a single word or letter of the Quran is an unbelievers. Some of Muhammad’s closest companions, however, including some of his top Quran reciters, disagreed with the Quran Muslims read today. Hence, according to modern Muslim scholars, early Muslims like Abdullah Ibn Masud and Abu Ad Darda were apostates. More problems for the outdated Islamic view of Quran preservation. David Wood discusses the issue.

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I’ll be LIVE with Sam Shamoun and Muslim apologist Ehteshaam Gulam tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Muhammad. Here’s the link: - YouTube

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Thank you Mr.David. You truly open the eyes of our Muslims.

Al-Baqarah 2:106

مَا نَنسَخْ مِنْ ءَايَةٍ أَوْ نُنسِهَا نَأْتِ بِخَيْرٍ مِّنْهَآ أَوْ مِثْلِهَآۗ أَلَمْ تَعْلَمْ أَنَّ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth [one] better than it or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is over all things competent?

How about Muhammad forgetting what he says and tells it to people differently. He already confused reciters about same versus but different in meanings. The reason why they recite different because Muhammad keep making it up.

Ibn Mas’ood said: “It is like one of you saying halumma, aqbil or ta’aal (all different ways of saying ‘Come here’).

Here is the refutation of your whole video in One hadith

“This Qur’an has been revealed to be recited in seven different aḥruf, so recite it whichever way is easier for you.”

ʿUmar narrates:

I heard Hishām ibn Ḥakīm reciting Sūrah Al-Furqān during the lifetime of Allah’s messenger. I listened to his recitation and noticed that he recited in several different ways which the Prophet had not taught me. I was about to jump over him during his prayer, but I was able to contain myself, and when he had completed his prayer, I put his upper garment around his neck and seized him by it and said, “Who taught you this Sūrah which I heard you reciting?” He replied, “The Prophet taught it to me.” I said, “You are wrong, for the Prophet has taught it to me in a different way from yours.”
So I took him to Allah’s Messenger and said “O Messenger of Allah, I heard this individual reciting Sūrah Al-Furqān in a way that you did not teach me, and you have taught me Sūrah Al-Furqān.”

The Prophet said, “O Hishām, recite!” So he recited in the same way as I heard him recite it before. On that Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said, “It was revealed to be recited in this way.” Then Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said, “Recite, O ʿUmar!” So I recited it as he had taught me. Allah’s Messenger ﷺ then said, “It was revealed to be recited in this way.” Allah’s Apostle added, “This Qur’an has been revealed to be recited in seven different aḥruf, so recite it whichever way is easier for you.”

I’ve been looking for this for my whole life.
Best video David. Keep the :fire: burning on the Quran Bro

It’s it that Muslims don’t care but rather they are afraid :scream:, I wasn’t afraid , I asked ,did research , I questioned everything, why, how , when, where , …and who did what …. This is the scientific method , a rational critical mind , seeking answers that have facts not fictions .

Well ,
I have my doubts about Quran being words of God ! Allah , some parts of it makes no sense , no scientific knowledge, some grammatical mistakes , wrong pronouns , are some Sura part of Quran it not ? Why Allah cussing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ppl , why Allah makes so much give away to “ his messenger when he desires them “ ( women I mean + wealth ( 1/5) )etc ……

DW, I feel very proud of you in your program sharing the truth & enlightenment to the muslim’s world. I believe numerous muslims are watching & learning from your program and will continue to guide their concience to wake up & accept the lies and deceit about the teachings of their islamic religion.

  I believe our God will continue to bless you abundantly, the same with the family, and co-workers.
    May the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit provide you more strength, wisdom, and courage in facing the difficult challenges you face daily in your highly educational program. 
I believe the Holy Spirit and the holy angels of our God continues to minister and protects you and family in whatever you do and wherever you go. 
   Praise & glory to our God for your exemplified courageous work and in your commitment to shed light while in this dark world. 
    Praying & I salute you, DW!

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David love your hard work and research …hope your channel grow and gain more views by muslims

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