How Muhammad Seduced His Adopted Son's Wife

Muhammad once had an adopted son, who was called “Zayd bin Muhammad” (“Zayd, son of Muhammad”). Zayd had a beautiful wife named Zaynab. One day, Muhammad went to visit his adopted son, but was greeted by his daughter-in-law, who was wearing very little clothing at the time. Muhammad began lusting after her, and when Zayd found out that his adopted father was lusting after his wife, he decided to divorce her so that Muhammad could have her. Muhammad then married Zaynab. Since critics condemned the marriage, Muhammad began receiving revelations to justify his relationship with the divorced wife of his adopted son. In order to justify the marriage, however, Muhammad had to abolish adoption in Islam.

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Man if i were born during Muhammad’s time I’d have just ended islam before it started

zaid was his servant, not adopted son.

As someone who grew up in a Muslim community, this is disgusting. How can you keep believing after even this single event? And they question the historicity of the gospels.

So sad, how someone fall so low

In Islam the adoption is not existed but prophet Muhammad adopted Zayd even he called him Zayd Son of Muhammad but God prohibits him at that and even God commanded him to marry Zaynab for been a complete evidence that’s there is no adoption in Islam and prophet Muhammad says if I can mute and hide any thing of Quran that will be the Zaynab story and even when he felt shy of that reveals he didn’t mute them because it wasn’t up to him so don’t lie please


Please don’t say lies without knowing the truth it’s a nasty way

Allah is not a God, he is a self-justifying figment of Muhammad’s imagination.

Since few years it’s ok to marry you are adopted daughter in Iran at least I know

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Revelation on in own lusty desires. What a funny story. Only blind goats who were scratching their heads can follow such a false prophet.

I just realized how absurd this is! And this made cousin marriage a societal norm in Islam. People have married their cousins in many cultures, but if it’s done over and over, that’s when people really suffer from defects. All because Muhammad couldn’t control himself. It is truly sad. What a perfect pattern of conduct.

Islam and Muhammad: “If you’re male embrace every worldly desire you have: lust, gluttony, wrath, pride, etc”

Christianity and Christ: “Turn away from worldly desires: lust, gluttony, wrath, pride, etc”

Allah said he could have any woman he wanted

Do you know who made the marriage between zayd and zaynab. It was Muhammad (s) pbuh.If he was ever enthralled by her beauty he could marry her himself.Even Zaynab disdained marrying zayd because of his low cast. But Muhammad wanted her to marry him because he wanted to change people’s view on the word ‘noble humans or high humans’ but it didn’t go well.And if Muhammad (s) pbuh wanted to marry her he could have married her from the start so you should do more research on what you should post. And all the ex Muslim who are jumping around because you found a so called ‘fault’ in you standards in Muhammad (s) character please mind your own business.We Muslim have nothing to do with you.And thanks for making my beliefs stronger Dave.

I really want to know the muslim defence for this

That cocky look on ur face will be wiped out on the day of judgment. The only reason you’re alive rn is because of prophet Muhammad who prayed to so that he does not make judgements on anyone before thr day of judgment. He prayed for cocky little shits like you and it makes me furious that people like yiu exist