How the Charlie Hebdo Massacre Backfired

The 2015 terrorist attack on the Paris headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo had some consequences that were clearly not intended by Saïd and Chérif Kouachi. David Wood discusses two ways the Charlie Hebdo Massacre backfired.

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I’ll be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), having a discussion about Quran desecration, Muhammad cartoons, and freedom of speech with a young man who converted to Islam. Here’s the link: - YouTube

Why jihadiz has to kill people who make articles and magazine’s other wise it will be the opposite then will think that Islam really pushing them to attack because of the prophet of the 7th century caravan robber. Whk wants to subjugated the world seriously this prophet remains more to Hitler at all.

Islam is a sham

Lol, the ending got me by surprise and laughed hysterically. Thank you.

You are one amazing guy! Thank you for opening my eyes to the mess that is Islam.


David BIG RESPECT U R doing fantastic job GOD Bless u.

Keep it up brother. Great Job. Nothing feels good than to awake sleeping people who are following stupidity and bad and false ideologies. This type of violent teaching is a kind of drug injected in the minds of people. Who knows when they triggered. Better to identify and stay away from sleeper cells.


The funny thing is, Muslims never pray for anyone else other that Allah and never believe or pray for Photos , monuments, statues even pictures. So why are you guys worrying ? if you only believe the Quran , you shouldn’t worry about a Picture published in a Newspaper or a Magazine. Because if you are worrying , most definitely you are not a believer. Inside your mind you have pictured Prophet Mohammad and link him with the Picture which published. So you are the one who committed a crime as in the Islamic law, because you have compared Prophet Mohammad and the picture.


I still think we need an annual “Draw Muhammad” day. Maybe even a quarterly or even monthly contest. Count me in.

The end is epic :grinning::slightly_smiling_face::flushed:

Who created the first idol of muhammed? Allah! behade him first!

David the great, the heroic, the wise, the perspicacious, and the ingenious!

I thought that you were the deceiver and that you guide whomever you want Harmful, abhorrent, humiliating, arrogance and pride Mighty Powers make people cunning and sly Thieves’ hands were cut off and women’s bodies were translated You establish justice by the sword, and your justice is to shed blood O Creator of murderers, tell me where is the god of the weak If you were the Creator of all, you would not forbid some of them to remain What you reap from killing is destruction and annihilation Were I worshiping a butcher who crushed the livers of the innocent? Or did you worship a demon who sent us with the seal of the prophets? I calculated the heaven for the mujahideen, in which the mighty would live Dates, grapes, figs, and rivers of wine for the righteous The best haven for hungry people who lived in the heart of the desert And beds of precious rubies and poplar sing We, the lovers of the believers, came and answered the call May God reward you with us, so see how God has made the reward better Is your paradise a struggle, screaming and penetration without bending The poplar regenerates the head early and you are the one who performs the healing Were I worshiping a pimp who had fun in the minds of fools? Or did you worship a demon who sent us with the seal of the prophets? Taha Hussien

There is room for everyone on this earth stop your hatred persecution of minorities !!. You persecute Africans Muslims Jews the pure hatred and discrimination nothing to do with Freedom of Expression to hell with your Nazi / Fascist / Racism shit … BLM MLM ALM… Nous sommes tous fiers de notre culture et de notre histoire, arrêtons la haine du fascisme envers les musulmans et les africains. Paix à tous

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