How to BLOW UP by Deleting Your YouTube Channel!

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Since a ton of people are complaining that I’m deleting my Acts17Apologetics YouTube channel, it’s time to explain the 100% effective method of blowing up by deleting your YouTube channel!

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Why not just let your channel go naturally? Theres to much content on this channel to just nuke it.

I am with you David. Youtube is garbage now just tell me where you will be moving to and I will follow you.

David Wood is too considerate of kibitzers. He should just do what he thinks is best; it’s his ministry.

Well, I see you’ve adopted a 5-year plan strategy. Communist much​:smirk::stuck_out_tongue:? OK, taking a piss aside - why not at least back up the complete catalogue of your channel on one of the other established platforms, Odysee or Rumble or wherever else is the fastest to upload? Also, you should have made everything ready to go, before announcing you’re going to delete your channel from YT. This way, you’ve put yourself in a position, however a small chance of it happening in a next month or so, to let YT just delete your channel (out of spite), before you can communicate to your viewers where to find you. Silly strategy, mr. General - have you really thought it through thoroughly though​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:? And last, but not least, you must be aware that a section of your subscribers (and/or viewers) are atheists, Buddhist, Hindus… here for stick-it-to-Islam and the odd story time videos, who won’t be following you to some Christian site for Christian apologia. Plus, as someone else pointed out in the comments, if your work against Islam is to continue, you won’t be able to reach normies on your other platforms. Islam isn’t done yet, mate.

P.S. What brick laying in Egypt are you on about? Building of pyramids and other tombs, temples to Egyptian gods wasn’t done by slaves, not Israelite or any other ones, but by free Egyptians. The best educated guess among the historians, Egyptologists and archaeologists (even the Jewish ones in Israel) is that Egyptian slavery and Exodus never happened. Babylonian slavery, however, has some supporting, external (non-Biblical) evidence to it.

go brother. you know He will make a way

Ruth 1: 16-17
For the fame of Jesus

Year’s of hardwork wasted just by worrying about future ban which has not happened yet I don’t think YouTube ever ban people with 7 million subscribers.

Basically this is like what CP did with his channel, and Christians that are called to spread the ministry will reupload the contents.

Love this. Screw them :fu:t4::clown_face::fu:t4:
We will die on this hill

Hey, I would really recommend that you talk with the Timcast crew they are currently doing similar things and I would love to see a conversation between you guys.

DW, you are making a lot of sense.

But for now,

Stop! I don’t have to watch any more! But I hope my comments will be posted and not deleted as they usually do.
Now we will talk about your intelligence and I don’t know who you are at the moment but it doesn’t really matter. Show me any original text of the Torah and Injeel is left in the world today. There is none! As Brother Yusha Evans stated that today’s bibles are copy of a copy of a copy and you and I know he 100% correct.
So the question to you is, do you have any intelligence? If you do, then you know Allah, the Lord of not only Muslims, Jews and Christians but of all mankind, sent down many books to many different nations such nations of Abraham, David, Moses and Jesse, peace be upon all of them. Then in early 7th century Allah sent down the last Book to His last Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him. The last Book to this day remains intact, unchanged and preserved till the end of time. And if you have any intelligence you can pick up a copy of the last Book, feel its weight, open it and read it and you can understand it without any question. The Book talks about your creation in your mother’s womb in exactly the way it happened in your mother’s womb and the science proved it 100% accurate in only last 100 years. Did the unlettered Prophet had ultrasound scanner in the middle of nowhere to see in womb of a woman. Absolutely not but what was revealed to the unlettered Messenger, he recited and his companions recorded it.

Oh, you are infamous Divid Wood. This wood needs to soften by some kind of holly water. Not really! His intelligence can prevail I am sure. You can take your shahada now. Why? The last Book is proof that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah Who sent down the Book and that Muhammad is His last Messenger who delivered the last Book to all mankind. And now if you indeed have any intelligence, you can pick up the Book and say “I have the Book as a proof and I hereby give Shahada”. It is simply matter of your intelligence!

I’ll be good for you to not wrestle with YT. You’ll be able to pump out more stuff. That’ll be very good. :blush:

I can image how much the muslim world will celebrate your “defeat”, your “death”, your parting from YT, your disappearance?! I think, it will be a similar reaction to the reaction of Jew world when Jesus was killed!.. And what was the reaction of Jesus’s followers? Quite similar to the reaction of YOUR FOLLOWERS, wasn’t it?..

The Internet was intended by the Founders to be a PUBLIC forum of free speech; exchange of knowledge and information. The privatization of the Internet is turning out to be disastrous. It’s the takeover of the mainstream media all over again by the wealthiest people on earth. Censorship by social media simply because they disagree with personal opinions should be prohibited. It’s akin to someone buying up all the public parks, streets and sidewalks and saying no one can say anything not approved by them. IT’S EVIL!

Remember pride goeth before a fall. Make your transition gracefully and not flaunting your ego. and best of luck.

I’ve heard of a Protestant Reformer during the Holy Wars of Europe whom the Catholic church tried to execute to silence him, and then instead of giving him a proper burial so he could go to heaven (according to the tradition of the time), they cremated him and poured his ashes into the ocean. From which Protestants then considered that his message now went out into the entire world with his ashes.

Thank you for your hard work! I’m sure you are going to figure it out. David not only are you a smart Men but God will always be with you we love your videos keep teaching truth no matter how hard it gets. Everyone let’s pray for this brother and his family,:pray: