How to Eat Like Muhammad (Anthony Rogers)

According to Islam, human beings don’t know how to eat properly without guidance from Allah. Fortunately, Muhammad told his followers the correct way to eat. Muslims must eat and drink using three fingers of the right hand. Anyone who eats or drinks with the left hand is imitating Satan, who eats and drinks with his left hand.

In the East they don’t use forks and knives but eat with their right hand fingers. They use left hand and water to wash theIr anuses (arses) after a good Shi* ;0/
So, they prefer to use the LEFT hand.
Things have changed now after the toilet paper was invented. But the habit continues in some parts as toilet paper is expensive in the East (Bangladesh, Nepal India etc)
On the factual side, to use water is more hygienic. We need to respect cultural “heritage” and not mock each other.


I’m left handed and I will eat with my left hand! Is that not how God made me? islam is ridiculous

most dishes that have rice or something like that are generally easily eaten that way.
if there really is a devil then surely imitating him is wrong! theres not that much to do in islam in that regard just a few things.

make an appionment with mind fixer ya o anthony

Just wondering, what is Satan’s favourite food?

The last bit isnt muslim, its hindu lol.

Shaitan eats? Shaitan drinks? The only word that fits is “cockamamie”. First time I’ve ever used that word in a long life.

How did he know shaytan eats with his left hand :thinking: I guess they have lost their minds, poor people who are listening to these non sense of mo…he was really dominating illiterate people of the desert and those heirs their non sense till it became a habit… Thank God we have Jesus! “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32 :latin_cross:

Islam makes me lose some brain cells


you make all these videos and don’t even know that muhammad isnt that only prophet muslims believe, but they believe all abrahamic ones, of jews and christians lol. Allah isn’t a name, it means god

I know someone who doesn’t have a right arm, poor guy will go to hell.
And Allah is merciful and wise

Islam is ridiculous!

I would tell your Prophet to Lick my “Middle Finger”…

So i guess left hand people are made by satan :joy::joy::joy:

Obsessive compulsive disorder, delusional paranoid persecution and sex addiction

What if my right hand was chopped off for theft under Sharia law? do I eat with my right foot?.

Is this even a criticism topic?