How To End a Debate (Featuring David Wood and Shadid Lewis)

This was the aftermath of my debate with Shadid Lewis on whether Islam is a threat to the West.

That’s what Taqqyia is!! He hugs you but he would kill you if he had a chance to.



He was polite considering his audience and left off the last part of that benediction: “…in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.” My father was a Pastor, and I heard that many times growing up. I guess he didn’t want to provoke them to anger.

I still have an audio clip of Lewis telling me “shut up ‘Kaffir’ Chris”. Wasn’t feelin the love at that time.


love it

I wish more debates were like this, Great Job David Wood :slight_smile:

It only shows that Muslims are humans like you and me, the muslims inot the problem, the problem is the wahabi idology…

How does that help insulting their religion do you really think he will listen to what you say after you call allah satan?

Brother do I have permission to borrow your translation of PBUH? Good stuff…

ROFL. Like how the sun sets in a pool of murky water?

This is comedy… The book of Job (oldest book in the Bible) describes the Earth has a sphere which hangs in nothingness.

Allah is Satan. Yahweh is the One True God and He entered the Human race as Yeshua/Isa/Jesus 2000 years ago to provide the one perfect sacrifice for sin. Yes we will see but if you do not repent it will be too late for you.

hahahaa that is so sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

I invite you not to bow down to a pagan temple (the kaaba), not to kiss a pagan idol (the black stone), and not to pray to Muhammad.

“pigs be upon him” Love your play on words.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Religion of Peace’s attitude towards christians (and unbelievers in general)!

We worship Jesus, the living God.
Catholick worship Maria and Crosses, yes they are no Christians the Cross is not a sing of Jesus.

Real true Christians worship the living God who sacrifice his son Jesus Chris for us, to give his blood to us for his beloved son.

Real true Christians also don’t go to the church, because Jesus forbid that he said we have a personal relation with God.

Next time, don’t see Catholic as Christians .

Does Mohammed command you to troll youtube forums and to use computers and internet which were created by the infidels?

I swear I had an adrenaline shock prematurely when Shadid Lewis walked up to David Wood.