How to end a debate

David Wood and Shabir Ally demonstrate the best way to end a debate. (This is the conclusion of their debate on the topic: "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? Christian and Muslim Perspectives.)

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This is how you shake hands Mohammed hijab

U know that there is no debate in middle of christian an a muslim ,they just run away ,ALWAYS!


Not you but Brother Shabir approached for handshake and hug. U r a hate monger and an idiot who focuses on creating money through Youtube videos by using illogical and false arguments with no scholarly take on Islamic Scriptures. Brother Shabir quotes your scholars and deals with Bible scholarly. U also do good job with Bible, to some extent with Quran but you have no idea how our other books are interpreted. U think u r some great man who has gone through hadiths and now become a scholar of hadith. Just dive in the works of Fiqh and see how things get complicated. Our resource is not limited like your new testament. My bible has New Testament on about 300 pages. That’s all you have. Our Scriptures are in volumes and require great deal of understanding but you fool are busy in making money and fun of things without reading old testament properly.

Challenge!!! Find every passage in the Bible with the word hate, and the word God. GO!!!

To god be the glory for the things he’s done.

Shabir is a great man

hes braver than u

One video that will like of his only

Those who invented the ridiculous and stupid trinity have caused the poor gullible Christians much pain. Christians find very difficult to understand it and explain it to others … but explain what !? Explain the inexplicable, seize the elusive, understand the incomprehensible !!! It is an obligatory duty and one must believe in the trinity and seize it at all costs if not a kingdom of god!
When you hear a poor Christian credulous talking about the trinity it’s like watching the famous cartoons of Voltron (five in one) (Trinity (three in one))!!!


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What did he say…? I really can’t hear it through my earphones…

God, heh

I couldn’t hear what he said, could anyone clarify?

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