How to Make an Ex-Muslim in 15 Minutes (David Wood)

Muslims who leave Islam usually take months or years to abandon their faith in Muhammad and the Quran. Occasionally, however, a Muslim will leave Islam almost instantly, perhaps in 15 minutes or less. How do some Muslims become ex-Muslims so quickly? Why is leaving Islam so easy for some? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) explains.

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Yeh, exactly the same happened to me. I was a believer until I discovered that the so called holy book advocated slavery and never condemned it. So I left Christianity.

Watch The Deen Show you will notice whats happening there its happening there where theres people finding their Almighty Creator…Allah …Islam meaning a Way of Life’ and a Muslim someone that Submits to Allah…are whatever name you may call the Only GOD Our Creator of All Mankind’ also Muhammad peace be upon him wasnt someone to boast ,brag are deceive people or the Vulnerable for Likes’ he didnt spread a message of loes and deceit’ JEALOUSY SURELY MAKES YOU LOOK NASTY’ Remember the brothers of Cain and Abel also the brothers of Joseph…Jealosy made them do what they done…you surely have to take stock of the 200 versions of the Bible that all over the World also Allaah speaks clearly theres No compulsion in Religion the Right way is clear from the evil way, and Satan comes in any form to deceive the people remember Adam ‘peace be upon him.
Its mentioned in the Quran Some of the people they say they believe in Allaah and the last day but they Dont really Believe" is that the People you are using to come on you tube’ to reach your objective’ also in the Quran …you worship the way you worship and I the way I worship so you for your Religion and me for mine…Whats the problem with you Targetting Vulnerable Muslims try to ask the people to rather Read the Arabic Quran thats still in existance after 1442 yrs but thats not written by a Jewish or Christian author as they will twist the translation to suit them…1 book with Divine message in Arabic anywhere in the World still the same…All Praises to 1 Almighty Creator The All Knowing All Hearing All Seeing …and Muhammad My prophet wasnt suffering from Attention Defiency Disorder…

Ex Muslim hate Christianity way more than conversative Muslim, go preach your gospel to Buddhist or Sikh instead.

We should help our Muslim brother that no longer believe in religion to not be trapped into this stupidity called Christianity.

Yea I’m all for getting Muslims or any unbeliever to Christ but you got be somewhat gentle. As someone who’s left paganism/new age to follow Christ I advise you guys to think about it in the other persons shoes. You’ve realized you’ve believed a lie for a good majority or even entirety of your life. Now someone is just exposing to you the true nature of a that world view you held. As someone who’s experienced this it can sometimes bring a storm of raging emotions. Anger and frustration because you’ve just realized you’ve been a fool by believing the lies of spiritually blind men, guilt because you would militantly fight other people for the sake of this world view, confused and lost because your hold world is being flipped upside down. Just a reminder to be compassionate when you’re deconstructing someone’s world view keep in mind of how big of a blow it can be to the person. Don’t be afraid to be straight forward and direct about exposing those demonic religions and doctrines, but also be aware of how the person is receiving this and reacting to it, you don’t want to be obnoxious about it because then they’ll just mentally shut down on you. Instead, you need comfort the the person if it’s needed like i said it can be a really hard pill to swallow. The whole point of this is saving souls not scoring points for the team. If any believers are reading this I pray for your work to succeed don’t forget to get counseling from God on what to do or say to the person, God bless Ya’ll.

I’m buddist…I know about Hinduism, Buddhism ,Jainism , Sikhism, little about parsi … Later I study Abrahmic religion… Judaism Christianity and Islam… I found Islam is like mixture of Christianity and Judaism with force and brutality… Muslim copy Jews cultural tradition concept but never saw to accept it… See their more heatrate for jews… It literally gave the Felling of more political motivate than other religions…

Muhammad is the most important human…you are a stupid lier…God damn you lier… Aalaho akbar

All lies

Super presentation :+1:. watch from India.

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

It’s like a person who believed the earth is flat all their life. Just show them a picture of Earth, and explain to them how you can travel around the world without hitting the ‘edge’.

For some people, it’ll take time to undo the mess, for others, it’s instant.

Yeah but this is more about black people. Nevertheless your videos are definitely convincing.

Hold on… did you keep up with how long these people lasted?!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As an African American Christian
I know people with very little knowledge who believed Christianity is the white mans religion and Islam is for the blacks. David wood you’re right on this one.
But Christianity is almost a tradition in an African American home pretty much all of grew up in the church.

U r the muts nuts Doc🤩

Thank you! I’am not muslim anymore!

Future me are you still a muslim

After watching ur videos’ I hate Islam AF

Mn what is your obsession with saitama