How to Stop Prison Radicalization (Anyone Can Do It!)

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European and American prisons have become a breeding ground for terrorists. Is there anything we can do to stop prison radicalization? In this video, David Wood shows that confronting the prison jihad is surprisingly easy!

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I’d be happy to tell you how to isolate prison radicals without bankrupting a country but you’d respond with sarcasm and insults like you did when I commented on Muhammad Ali’s choice of name.


Nazism is authoritarian right wing not left wing. Source : me a former neo nazi

A nazi leftist wtf?

any follow up on this?

I believe that base need for all people is they need love and acceptance (blessing) from an authority. The God of the Bible gave us that through Jesus Christ. To the best of my understanding the q’ran does not describe Allah as a god of love, but only of austerity.

My uncle became Muslim as a form of protection in prison, because in USA prisons Muslims harshly punish those who attack other Muslims. If we make prisons safer a lot less men would convert to Islam

Good video tyvm

Jesus is the only way humbly ask he will answer you

May God make this plan work! Amen

work on indIA

I wonder who this david person is :joy:

The world needs to know about islamic slavery

Thank you :pray: keep it up

he hates it if you call him Andrew Choudry :grin:

imagine if Mecca was nuked… damn… the world will do a 360-kick-flip and go banana-pie crazy…

Prisons screen all post, they just have to read one leaflet and inform other prisons h@te-speech is getting posted in and bin any leaflets with anything Islamic printed on it. I think simple is always better but with the political environment now, the prisons will NOT allow this to happen. When visiting inmates you just TELL them, it’s so shocking what Mohammed got up to, they’re not going to forget and if anyone try’s to introduce Islam to them their first thought will be ‘isn’t that the religion with a P4edo as it’s prophet?’ Lol they wouldn’t get anywhere with radicalisation except on the n0nces wing!

Nuke Mec… Wait, what did he just say not to type?