How Twitter Supports Terrorism

Twitter recently banned Tommy Robinson (permanently) for claiming that Islam promotes killing people. Since Islam indisputably promotes killing people (as when Muhammad ordered his followers to kill anyone who leaves Islam), Twitter is telling us that it will ban anyone who makes certain true statements about Islam. By doing so, however, Twitter is supporting terrorist groups, by protecting their ideology from criticism.

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Fake media always on Islam’s side, why? Are they scared of Muslims?
Thank you Dr David Wood for exposing the cult of Islam and thank you for sharing​:fist::heart:

twitter to late respect because of buy by the terrorist group

I’m an atheist… but Twitter is horrible. I was banned on there for asking a business why they were involved in a known scam. The twitter rep was extremely rude to me too. Permanent ban.

Yet they willingly support actual terrorists and allow them to stay. I think a good way to go about Twitter is to boycott artists, politicians and businesses that use Twitter. Let them know you are boycotting them because they use something that supports giving terrorists a voice.

I need to join twitter so I can get banned. I want to be apart of the gang.

:laughing: BRAVO!!! (STANDING OVATION)!!!..


Hilaious!!! I love your irony-exposing video!

Well, you got locked out of Twitter without even trying😂

well…you got your wish…just saying man.

▓▒░ And so it came to pass, on the twenty-ninth day
in the third month, in the year two thousand and nineteen,
I lifted up mine eyes unto YouTube and looked; and
behold; there appeareth a video titled:
Twitter Bans Me for Condemning Violence! (Jack Dorsey &
Vijaya Gadde Continue the Censorship)
And, lo, I perceived that the prophecy that David Wood
spake was fullfilled. ░▒▓

LOL!! God bless you David Wood & may he also protect you too. Keep it up Sir, this is great!

:joy::joy: love you David wood :heart:#twittersupportterrorism

Crrrrrryyy , Crrrrryyyyy … I want to hear that … Cry

this is amazing. thank you

Islam promotes killing people.

Asinine idiocrats and this is one of the reasons why I’m not on social medias like most of the English

Count me in , I’m going to tweet some koran scriptures direct to twitter .Tony robinson said Islam NOT muslims , so legally he said no hate speech whatsoever… Truth is the new hate speech. Praise Allah

Wow, so true. Very excellent points.

Banned on Twitter for comparing U.S. Constitution to Islam.