How YouTube Protects Antisemitic Hate Speech

The YouTube Trust and Safety Team enforces the platform’s hate speech policies and community guidelines. But they do so selectively. When it comes to Muhammad’s claims about Jews, YouTube protects the hate speech from criticism and mockery. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Speaking against those of Semine origin is not acceptable!

This doesn’t sound so defensive at all.

YouTube took down my Family Guy Risky Jew Jokes Compilation video for hate speech and there are multiple videos of family guy risky jokes on YouTube but they pick and choose which ones are hate speech as you can see in this video.

i came here after harrased by hate speech on youtube,and i think or i totally understand today youtube has no fair policy for hate speech,it’s quite sad that youtube or any social media we use them with false security

The Christian bible isn’t that friendly to Jews either though. But thank you for sharing this.

Hi David! Long time watcher. Where did you find that picture of Jesus at the Roman whipping post where He is laying on His back with His hand bound, and all the Roman soldiers are covered in blood?

It was in an older video where you said you understand people’s anger then transition to that picture. I’d like to use that picrure for my ministry.

It’s so powerful!! Thanks for your time, David!!

As a former muslim i aknowledge that david is the westerner that understand the most the muslim mentality

well, I love the Jews I mean Israel…

Doubtest thou not the words of Mel Gibson

For awhile Youtube has been heading in the wrong direction. And eventually they will crash! This is all happening in the “Land of the Free”, in America. Unlike Charlie De Hedbo, they are cowards!

You disappoint me David …

Proof Islam is not a peaceful religion!

Talmudic censorship arises from an anti-First Amendment ideology which pushes a foreign concept called: “hate speech” There is no such thing as “hate speech” in America and our court system has refuted this foreign concept, repeatedly. Why are you supporting this foreign creation? Try criticizing the Jewish ADL and see how long you survive on youtube.

I would like to see an alternative to Youtube, what’s so hard about that?

I see that Gharqad trees aren’t traitors.

What is wrong with YouTube? It’s just wrong

But thing is, what is the definition of hate speech and who gets to decide on what hate speech is?

“best of friends to Christians” yea, next time, don’t take our holy city and burn it to the ground if you want actual friends.