How Zakir Naik Trained a Generation of Liars

Zakir Naik doesn’t just lie. He trains his followers to lie.

Here’s the link to Zakir Naik’s video, where he claims that the Gospels never claim that Jesus was resurrected: DEBATE : WAS CHRIST (PBUH) REALLY CRUCIFIED? | TALK + REBUTTAL + Q & A | DR ZAKIR NAIK - YouTube

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Sure, you have to be a liar to be a Zakir Naik!

God knows that you are one od the biggest liars in history.
Hundreds of thousands of Christians, many of whom were scholars, scientists, historians and even some honest christian priests reverted to Islam after thoroughly studying Islam especially the Qur’an. But a person like you distorts facts and who is an expert in misinterpreting whatever Muslim scholars say or do and who reaches out to non believers and weak Muslim whose knowledge about Islam is minimal and who think you have the easy way out.
Woe unto you. Finally you will pay for your enormous Sins in this world and the hereafter.
God is all-knowing and will not leave you to continue deceiving the world.
But you accuse every true Muslim of being a liar. Wait and see your time to be sentenced by the Divine Judge is coming sooner or later.
Take my word for it

Glory to David woods :pray::heart::albania::us_outlying_islands:

Islam is always great Alhamdulillah. I Love Islam and Allah is almighty and prophet Muhammad PBUH is greatest person all the time :heart: Islam is the real religion and fastest growing religion on earth. Billions of non muslims reverted/converted to Islam cause Islam is the truth there is no God but Allah and prophet Muhammad is final messanger of Allah Almighty :star_and_crescent:And Islam is unstoppable people more hate Islam then Islam will grow faster Alhamdulillah If ur non muslim read Quran and pray for guidance May Allah guide you :heart::star_and_crescent:

in Mark there is originally no mention

That is how they quote half chapters and verses to deceive us, I am an ex Muslim and my family quotes me Ephesians 6:1 saying children obey your parents , and they end there but I highlight it to them the obey your parents in the" Lord" for they did not mentioned it and they became angry at me.I told them I will obey what pleases God.

Zakir Naik is a LIAR by DEFAULT, he was destined to be one before his birth by Lah :rofl:

The LORD Jesus Christ said unto his disciples: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits." Matthew 7:15-16

He a liar and he block me

Zakir naik is a great comedian…

He’ s next door to Ahmed Deedat… Just for lying the Gospel.

Without lies Islam dies - as someone said :point_up:t5::ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4::point_up:t5::joy::joy:

The father of all lies is Satan and liars are children of Satan hence Muhammad is a follower of Satan when he claimed Jesus is a messenger and not the son of God

He does not lie! He shines the light and truth upon his children of humanity. Praise and love upon the eternal Allah. Praise to the goodness and kindness of Mohammed.

Moral of the story… Stay away from dawah… they will lie to us at all cost

Yall are just bigots, hating on Islam because it’s so inclusive they even accept lies!!!

Very true.

You don’t have guts to go and challenge him in his peace tv

ईसलाम नफ़रत झूठ लूट धोखा हलाला बलात्कार आतंक का मज़हब है। अल्लाह शैतान is fake creation and ID of मुहम्मद आतंकी बलात्कारी लुटेरा।